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WordPress MU: Admin login problem


– I have installed WordPress MU in localhost (local computer).
– I am using Windows XP Operating System.
– I am using WAMP Server.


When installing WordPress MU, I was getting the following error:-

Warning! Installing to http://localhost/ is not supported. Please use http://localhost.localdomain/ instead.

I was able to get rid of this warning message by commenting the following line (present at around Line 8 to 10) in index-install.php file present inside the wordpress-mu folder:-

By doing this, I was able to install wordpress MU completely in localhost.

But, now I get a strange error. When I try to login to admin panel, I always get redirected back to the login page. I cannot access the dashboard.


– Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
– Open the file named hosts in notepad
– At the end of the file, write the following:- localhost.localdomain
– Reinstall WordPress MU using localhost.localdomain instead of localhost.

Suppose you have wordpress MU files in a directory named wordpress-mu. Then, you should type the following URL in the browser:-


Hope this helps. Thanks.


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    This one worked for me