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WordPress Contact Form 7: Quick Fix to spinning arrow displays forever & no success/error message displayed

Scenario / Problem

I am using Contact Form 7 plugin on my WordPress blog.

The form is displayed properly. But, when I submit the form, the spinning arrow is displayed forever and no success or error message is displayed. However, the form is working. It is submitted and I get the message in my inbox.

The main problem is:

– success or error message is not displayed
– spinning arrows displays forever
– this shows, as if the form is not working

Quick Fix / Solution

I googled and found the following suggestions/solutions:-

1. The official website of contact form 7 says that this may occur due to a conflict between plugins/theme. It suggests to deactivate all other plugins and switch to the default theme.

Their solution might be a good and reliable one but it takes lot of time to figure out which plugin or theme did create such problem. I did not follow their suggestion.

2. The other solution I found was changing a configuration setting in the contact form plugin’s file.

Open file:

Change this:
define( ‘WPCF7_LOAD_JS’, true);

To this:
define( ‘WPCF7_LOAD_JS’, false );

This one is a quick fix. But, when you apply this fix, your form will not be submitted through Ajax. Instead, your contact form page will be reloaded when you submit the form. I did try this solution and it worked for me. However, I did not use this because I want my contact form to be submitted through Ajax.

3. This final solution was what I wanted. This simple trick will let your contact form work as before.

Add file upload field in your contact form. You can go to the contact form plugin settings in admin and add a file upload field in your contact form. If you don’t want to display the file upload field in your form then you can simply make it hidden. Like this:-

Here, file-upload is the name of the file upload field.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Mukesh, I have been looking for this answer for a while. I had not thought of the conflicting plugin problem. Thanks.

  • Daniel

    Just want to mention that I ran into this issue as well, but it was different.

    I am sending mail using an SMTP plugin to bypass the wp_mail() function as it wasn’t working like I wanted it to on a shared hosting provider. After getting that plugin set up my contact forms were sending but it would not display the thank you message and the ajax loader image would not go away.

    My solution was turning off debugging in the SMTP plugin because I had forgotten to while getting it all set up.

    Hope this saves someone out there some headache.

  • Hey!

    This helped me :) I had a client who had this issue and I’ve fixed it by following your comment

    Thank you

  • No prob, glad I was able to help someone.

  • soman

    Hi. It works fine. but i cant able to see any goals that converted in google analytics. plz help me to choose some other way that opt with showing Ga goals

  • Chan

    Thank you for this. I put in that upload field and it works. Question is why does this hack work? My form was just spinning on Safari and now it works.

  • David

    worked very well thanks!

  • Thanks a lot. It worked :)

  • Laís Tomaz

    3 years later … thank you VERY MUCH!

  • Premier Web Services

    I had the same problem and resolved it by disabling the following plugin:

    “Contact Form 7 Email Validation”

    Hope that helps!

  • Nicholas Hyrum

    Thank you. Worked like a charm.

  • Sergey Lukichev

    I added google analytics code to the functions.php of my theme by include_once() and it stopped working.

    I check in the developers tools and noticed that the response from the fp7 submission contains the ga code first and then comes the fp7 response json. I moved the code to the footer and it worked. The response from fp7 now contains only the fp7 json, no prepending data.


    Thank you!
    Solution 2 worked for me, after trying other ways to solve, including changing server with a fully updated one and removing and re-installing the module.

  • Johnny

    Thanks, the second one worked a treat.

  • Gs

    I had the same issue – However the bug was in contact form 7 mailchimp plugin. Disabled it and ajax submission was working fine – no changes needed in contact form 7 plugin. Hope it is helpful to others.

  • Joeri

    Thank you so much, I used the change ajax to javascript solution (number 2), and that worked very well.

  • Peter Cz

    Wow it worked seamlessly. :) Wonderful! Thank you!