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Website statistic (User Information) in Javascript

From the code below, you can get Resolution, Page title, Page url, Agent name, Browser name and Page Referrer.

<span id="more-51"></span>

<title>Website Statistic</title>

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
// JavaScript for getting website statistic

// getting referrer
referer = ""+document.referrer;
var referer = referer.substring(0, 150);
var referer = escape(referer);

// getting page title
var title = ""+document.title;
var title = title.substring(0, 150);
var title = escape(title);

// getting url
var url = ""+document.location;
var url = url.substring(0, 150);
var url = escape(url);

// getting width and height of the page
// i.e. getting page resolution
var height = screen.height;
var width = screen.width;

// getting browser information
var agent = navigator.appName;
var agent_name = agent.substring(0,150);
var agent_name = escape(agent_name);

var version = navigator.appVersion;

var user = navigator.userAgent;
var user = user.substring(0,150);


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
document.write("Resolution: "+width+"x"+height+"<br/>");
document.write("Title: "+title+"<br/>");
document.write("Url: "+url+"<br/>");
document.write("Agent Name: "+agent_name+"<br/>");
document.write("User: "+user+"<br/>");
document.write("Referer: "+referer+"<br/>");
Note: Referer is only displayed when you come to this page from some other page.

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