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Ubuntu Linux: Get RAM, Hard disk size, Processor information

There are different ways to get RAM size, Hard disk size, processor size, etc. in Ubuntu. Here are some:-

1. From System -> Administration -> System Monitor

This is kind of Task manager of Windows. You can get the system information like memory, processor and disk info. Along with that, you can see which processes are running and how the resources has been used/occupied. You can stop/end/kill processes from the ‘Processes’ tab.

2. Installing Sysinfo (System Information Extraction Program)

Sysinfo is a GUI tool which provides information about CPU (Processor), Memory (RAM), and Storage (Hard disk). This also provides information about other Hardwares like Network, Sound card, Graphics card and Motherboard.

Here is the command to install sysinfo. Run this in the terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal).

sudo apt-get install sysinfo

Sysinfo is installed. To run it, go to Applications -> System Tools -> Sysinfo

3. From Terminal Command

You can type a command in Terminal and see the information.

Open Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)

– To see memory status, type: free
– To see more options, type: free –help

– To see all processes running, type: top
– Type ‘q‘ to quit top

– To get processor speed and other CPU information, type: cat /proc/cpuinfo

– To get hard disk space and information, type: df
– To get a list of drives, type: sudo fdisk -l

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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