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Twitter, Facebook, WordPress getting together

Twitter, Facebook and wordpress are all popular and fascinating. You publish an article in your wordpress blog. And you may want to publicize your article in twitter and facebook through status update separately. It would be very easy and time saving if I could publicize my blog article in twitter and facebook as soon as the article is published.

But this is possible and I have implemented it as well. You just need a wordpress plugin and facebook application.

WordPress plugin required: Twitterup

This plugin updates your twitter status with the latest post that you’ve made. It also has the option of including a link back to your post so people can easily click on it to view the post. The link provided in the tweet can be shorted via a service of your choice: tinyurl.com, is.gd, bit.ly or snurl.com

Facebook Application required: Twitter

Updates your Facebook status with Twitter status and updates your Twitter status through the application.

The scenario:

1) You publish an article in your wordpress blog.

2) Your article is published as Twitter status through Twitterup wordpress plugin.

3) Your Facebook status is updated through the Twitter Facebook Application.

Finally, you combine Twitter, Facebook and WordPress blog at a time.


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