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Top 10 Magento extensions for your Magento stores

What customers expect for when shopping on your online-store? They must be good products, good service of customer’s care. Plus, the convenience you bring to them during purchasing online is very important. With Magento platform, you are not necessary to worry about getting this accomplishment.

Magento store is supplied with a variety of useful and valuable extensions, making your store different from others. Let’s take some minutes and explore our suggestions:

1. Magento Order Upload Extension

This is the fastest and easiest way for customers to upload their files in different types like PDF, DOC, JPG… on taking order steps. For example, on a Printing shop, when customers want to have printing services as in their own mind they must upload available images or their designs. As the printing service supplier, you will get their requirements and meet them.

Order Upload

With this extension, the function of Multi files added is absolutely possible. Customers are able to upload personal files on the product page before going to the Checkout process. It not only creates different options of uploaded files such as pdf, jpg, jpeg, text… but also takes a little time to do the job. Actually, while uploading an attachment, user can concurrently edit, remove or add comment to it. And during the time of uploading files, user is not necessary to log in their account.

2. Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension

This is an improvement tool for you to complete step Add to Card on Magento store. With Magento Ajax Cart Pro extension, your customers are possible to add, update or remove products from an Ajax pop-up on your web-store, without reloading the cart. They can add products to card or choose options right on the listing page.

Ajax Cart Pro

3. Magento One Step Checkout Extension

Instead of experiencing six or seven steps to complete Checkout process, One step checkout extension allows your customers to take all steps right on a Checkout page. They will not feel uncomfortable when shopping on your store because of the last step is very easy from now. It is irrefutable so much time complete the checkout process that customers lose their inspiration to shop on your store soon. This negatively affects your sales and traffics. Thus, the extension could be seen as the best solution to serve your customers more.

One Step Checkout

4. Mega Menu Extension

An interface with easy-to-navigate and smart performance is highly appropriated by customers. As you may know, when visiting on your store, if they find difficult to have dimension and navigation, customers will have no encouragement to do the next steps – making order. Thus, leading them by the most accessible way will bring more sales as well as views of audiences. Especially, the extension offers horizontal Magento Navigation menu with Menu effects, custom blocks, category label and customizable ability to show products on Menu as well as in different styles.

Mega Menu

5. Magento Product Video Extension

We support this extension with the aim of helping your customers thoroughly understand what your products are, how they work and how to use them. They find it easier than ever to obtain features of products and consider whether they are suitable for their own requirement. By adding product videos to the product page, you have more chances to get sales and good comments from audiences. Obviously, product images somehow are not able to show completely functions and details. Thus, supporting this feature will encourage them to make the last decision quickly.

Product Video

6. Magento Full Page Cache

Magento Full Page Cache is used to speed up your online shop. By allowing all elements and aspects of the site being stored in the cache, the content will be displayed promptly. This is an ideal solution for you to enhance website performance, giving customers better shopping experience. This Magento extension must be an effective way for store owners to build up extremely responsive and fast website. From that, you could optimize your website potential appealing more and more visitors to the site.

Full Page Cache

7. Magento Price Matrix Extension

You have your customers easily select products at different prices and options of attributes? Magento Price Matrix will be the best idea. This extension is used to makes your site simpler and faster to navigate. Thus, shoppers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog page. This plug-in is not difficult to install and create attributes of each product. All of attributes are grouped on vertical or horizontal direction that is shown clearly on frontend.

Price Matrix

8. SAML Single Sign-on Magento Extension

SAML Single Sign On extension allows your customers to connect a Magento instance with any SAML Identity Provider after you enable it successfully in backend. It is implemented by Sixto Martin, author of 15 SAML plugins and several SAML toolkits, ensuring sharing security of your users. You are have no difficulties to take setting steps like identify provider, option, attribute mapping or group mapping and address mapping.

SAML Single Signon

9. Magento Quick View Extension

With just a small amount of investment, Quick View extension brings you ability to build an easy-to-navigate website. In fact, your visitors can save much time just by clicking on any products and view them. They no need to go back on category listing or product page to see what they have chosen. Certainly, it enhances their experience when they visit your site. Saving much time means they have chance to pick up more products.

Quick View

10. Advanced Inventory Extension

This extension is created to give you facilities to manage multiple stocks for different stores as well as location, statistics, and evaluation information of products in each store. Especially, Advanced Inventory is integrated with Locator extension, which is the best solution to set up and reference for your store with Google Map API. You get more convenience on using the extension to control, add new store, save and review product or stock quantity in store. If you want to enable or disable store list in backend, arrange report of each store and its order, it totally possible with some minutes.

Advanced Inventory

CMS store offers you products that can be used in other smart devices and screen resolutions because they are highly adaptive. They are not only ideal for your customers but also your own administrators. In general, what makes your store different must depend on additional plug-ins and store’s appearance. So, our suggestions must be helpful and ideal for your store, why don’t you start right now?


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  • Well there are huge number of magento extensions in the magento connect.You can’t say about anyone until you try it.

  • Advanced Inventory Extension is the best one for managing multi stores.

  • Anna Victoria

    Thanks for sharing. Great collection.
    I want to suggest one more useful Magento 2 Extension named Most Viewed and Sold Product count. It helps to increase your store’s sales.