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[10 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on MySQL: Backup/Export and Restore/Import Database & Table]

This article shows how to backup/export and restore/import single & multiple databases and tables in MySQL.


[20 Aug 2007 | Comments Off on MySQL Installation Problem: Can’t create pid file – no such file or directory]

Problem: can’t create pid file: no such file or directory
I had this problem and had a very tough and frustrating time with it. While I was installing a fresh copy of MySQL 5 in Windows XP, I got this problem. (I was installing it from the installer i.e. setup file.) The server was not starting and ‘error 0’ was displayed. I tried to start the server from the command line by typing “mysqld-nt –console” and then got the error “can’t create pid file: no such file or directory“. It was …