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[12 Feb 2016 | 4 Comments]

This article shows how we can get current category and current product data in Magento 2.
Below is a block class of my custom module (Chapagain_HelloWorld). I have injected object of \Magento\Framework\Registry class in the constructor of my module’s block class.

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[4 Feb 2016 | One Comment]

In Magento 1, you could simply write your own custom log with the following code:

and it would be saved at MAGENTO_ROOT/var/log/your_log_file.log

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[30 Dec 2014 | No Comment]

Serving as a global leader in e-commerce solutions, Magento has been into existence since 5 years from now. With over 4 million downloads till date, Magento has been successful in becoming the number one choice of online merchants worldwide. With Magento 2 beta release planned for December 2014, e-store builders have got a whole new reason for celebration. With the ever booming e-commerce market, Magento 2 promises to offer features that will play a pivotal role in pacing up the growth of e-commerce industry. Keep on reading this blog to …