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[23 Nov 2009 | 9 Comments]

Here are code to Get, Set, and Unset Session in Magento.
Set session with variable Name ‘testing_magento‘. The session value here is ‘hello‘.

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[23 Nov 2009 | 6 Comments]

You can choose the Catalog view option as grid only or list only. The default is Grid/List. You can change it to List/Grid as well.
To do so:

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[7 Jul 2009 | 51 Comments]

I had a new installation of magento. But I was unable to login as an administrator. I went to the admin login page, entered correct username and password but was redirected to the same login page. I could not enter the dashboard page. Error message is displayed when I enter wrong username or password. But nothing is displayed and I am redirected to the same login page when I insert correct username and password.

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[7 Jul 2009 | 14 Comments]

Remember that, Sample Data must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation. But never mind if you forgot to install sample data before installing Magento.
Here, I will show you how you can install sample data after you have installed Magento.

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[7 Jul 2009 | 2 Comments]

I am installing a fresh magento in my Windows XP computer. I have Xampp installed. While installing magento, I had a problem at the configuration step where I had to fill database host, username, password etc. When I click continue after filling the required fields, the installation process doesn’t move forward. I am redirected to the same page.

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[6 Jul 2009 | 6 Comments]

I was installing Magento in my Windows XP computer. I am using Xampp. I encountered the following errors during the installation.
PHP Extension “curl” must be loaded
PHP Extension “mcrypt” must be loaded
PHP Extension “pdo_mysql” must be loaded