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[21 Nov 2016 | No Comment]

This beginner tutorial/article shows how you can create a simple/basic user login and registration application using Laravel. In previous Laravel article, I have described in detail about Creating simple CRUD application in Laravel. In the CRUD article, I have described about Laravel folder structure and artisan command line tool. Hence, in this article, we will directly move towards creating database and tables.
Create Database


[7 Nov 2016 | 4 Comments]

This article shows how to create a simple CodeIgniter CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application with Login and Registration feature. CodeIgniter (CI) is a PHP framework that helps building a full-fledged web application.
This article is a continuation of my past article Simple CodeIgniter CRUD Application tutorial. The tutorial has add, edit, delete, and view feature but it didn’t contain login and registration feature.

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[19 Aug 2014 | 4 Comments]

By default, customers are redirected to ‘Customer Account Dashboard’ page after login. This feature can be easily changed from Magento configuration settings.
Configuration Settings

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[16 Jul 2014 | No Comment]

I moved my Joomla installation from one server to another and now I am unable to login to the admin panel. This case can also happen while moving from one online server to my local machine or moving from local machine to online server.
When I go to the administrator login page: http://example.com/administrator/index.php , I can enter the admin username and password. However, I am not taken to the admin page. I get redirected to the same login page and without any error message. I know that I have entered the …

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[7 Jan 2013 | No Comment]

Here is a quick tip to change the landing or startup page of Magento Admin. I mean to say, when you login to Magento Admin, you land up on Dashboard page. You can change it to any page you like.
For example, you might want to see Orders page (Sales -> Orders) just after you login to Magento admin instead of the Dashboard page.

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[10 Oct 2011 | 2 Comments]

If you are developing a module which needs to give access to its content only to logged in user then the preDispatch function will be very useful. This dispatches event before action.
Just write the following function in your module’s controller and customer log in is checked before each of your controller action.

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[19 Apr 2010 | One Comment]

– I have installed WordPress MU in localhost (local computer).
– I am using Windows XP Operating System.
– I am using WAMP Server.

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[7 Jul 2009 | 53 Comments]

I had a new installation of magento. But I was unable to login as an administrator. I went to the admin login page, entered correct username and password but was redirected to the same login page. I could not enter the dashboard page. Error message is displayed when I enter wrong username or password. But nothing is displayed and I am redirected to the same login page when I insert correct username and password.


[5 Mar 2008 | 69 Comments]

In this article, I will be presenting simple PHP & MySQL code to add, edit, delete and view data. This kind of system is also referred to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete).
Here is a step-by-step guide on creating a CRUD system using PHP & MySQL:


[8 Dec 2007 | 39 Comments]

In another article, I have written about Very Simple Add, Edit, Delete, View in PHP & MySQL. That article contains a basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system. It doesn’t have the feature of login and register.
In this article, I will be presenting a complete CRUD system containing login and register feature. User should register himself first. And then he can add data after logging in.