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[24 Oct 2017 | No Comment]

This article shows how you can scrap or fetch any webpage’s HTML content/data in PHP. We will use Simple HTML DOM Parser to scrap webpage content. You can download it from here: PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser – Sourceforge
You need to download the HTML DOM Parser from sourceforge and include simple_html_dom_parser.php in your PHP file.

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[20 Mar 2017 | No Comment]

This article shows:
1) How to create Google Form using standalone HTML file
2) Fetch data from Google Spreadsheet and populate Select box of the HTML Form
3) Populate second select box based on the value selected from first select box
4) Show result data from spreadsheet on form submit
Basically, we have a spreadsheet that contains exam marks obtained by students of different grades/classes.

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[6 Mar 2017 | No Comment]

This article shows:
1) How to create Google Form using standalone HTML file
2) Email form submitted data to any particular email address
Create HTML file

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[2 Jan 2012 | No Comment]

This article will show you how to submit form and change form action using javascript. This is a very simple trick but it’s very useful and frequently used.
Submit Form using Javascript

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[27 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments]

Here, I will be demonstrating on showing or hiding a div when a link is clicked. I have done this with Javascript and CSS.
I have called showHideDiv() Js function when the link is clicked. The display of the div where content is present, is visible or hidden on each click. For this, CSS styling is used (display: none).

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[17 Nov 2009 | No Comment]

You can add html elements dynamically with Javascript. In this article, I will show you how to do so. I have created two Javascript functions. One for creating html elements and the other for removing them.
In my html elements, I have created ‘li’ and ‘strong’ elements inside ‘div’. The div id is ‘summary’. I have written comment in the code so that it would be easy to understand.


[14 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments]

Earlier I had written an article on How to get(view) html source code of a website . I had created an application and that would grab the html code of any website. In this article, I will be writing on how you can modify the looks of a website by changing the html source code after you grab it.
At first the html source code getting part. I have commented in the code for better understanding.


[2 Jul 2008 | 4 Comments]

Here is the PHP code to fetch the html source code of any website specified. fopen function is used to open the website URL. stream_get_contents is used to read the opened URL. The fetched code is displayed inside a textarea.


[9 Dec 2007 | 2 Comments]

I want to create a dynamic HTML table with a row starting after certain number of columns, i.e. like, i want to create an html table which automatically generate new row after 3 columns in a row.


[17 Jul 2007 | No Comment]

Meta tags are HTML tags which provide information that describes the content of the webpage a user will be viewing.
Meta tags have two possible attributes:


[23 Mar 2007 | No Comment]

CSS Syntax Introduction
The CSS syntax is made up of three parts: a selector, a property and a value:
selector {property: value}