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[13 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on Google AppScript: Send Multiple Emails by reading data from Spreadsheet]

This article shows how to read list of email addresses, subject and message body from Google Spreadsheet and send separate emails to all of them with Google AppScript.
First, let’s see a simple example of sending single message to a particular email address.

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[22 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on Joomla: Adding multiple email address to Email or Mailto link]

In Joomla, while editing article, I was trying to add multiple email addresses (comma separated) to email link. But, when I tried to do so, the email link in frontend changed to something like below:


[24 Oct 2011 | One Comment]

PHPMailer is a PHP class for PHP that provides a package of functions to send email. It is an efficient way to send e-mail within PHP. The following are some features of PHPMailer:-

– Sending HTML email
– Sending email with attachments
– Sending email to multiple recepients via to, CC, BCC, etc
– Supports nearly all possiblities to send email: mail(), Sendmail, qmail & direct to SMTP server

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[25 Jul 2011 | One Comment]

This article will show how you can configure your domain settings so that email messages to your domain will be routed through the Google Apps mail server. In other words, by adjusting some settings in your domain cpanel and creating an account in google apps, you will be able to access emails to your domain through Google (in Gmail interface).
For example:-

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[31 May 2011 | 18 Comments]

In Magento, Transactional Email Templates can be created from System -> Transactional Emails. This article shows
how we can send transactional emails programmatically.
There are few necessary things for any transactional email in Magento. They are:-

Magento, Zend »

[10 May 2011 | 2 Comments]

Here is a quick function code to send email in Magento. I am using the Zend_Mail class.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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[14 Mar 2011 | 2 Comments]

You can use multiple email addresses with your single Gmail account.
Trick #1
Suppose, you have your Gmail account as: firstname.lastname@gmail.com
With Gmail, you can also use it as: firstnamelastname@gmail.com or first.name.lastname@gmail.com or first.name.last.name@gmail.com