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Sony Xperia: Auto Reject Call with Message Problem

When you get a call on your sony xperia phone (android) then it automatically replies the caller with a reject message.

One of my friends had this problem on Sony Xperia M. This problem might persists in other Sony Xperia phones as well. This is annoying because the message is sent unknowingly.

You can’t even delete the default messages present in Settings -> Call Settings -> Reject call with message. There is no delete option. However, you can find delete options on such settings in other devices (I have checked with Samsung phones).

After searching about this problem over the internet, I found one reliable solution which helped to solve this issue. The solution is to install an Android app named Tiny Call Confirm.

This will add its own slider button on any incoming calls. So, you will have to slide its button first and then receive the incoming call. This will prevent “Reject call with message” to function automatically on incoming call.

This app consumes very less battery and also provides “Call Confirm Dialog” for outgoing calls to prevent accidental outgoing calls.

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