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[SOLVED] Joomla: 404 error page after changing menu alias


The menus were working fine before. Then I changed alias of one menu.

For example: I changed example.com/mymenu2 to example.com/mymenu3

Now, I am getting redirected to 404 error page on both for both of the above URLs.


You can try Rebuilding the particular menu, clearing cache from Joomla admin, and/or clearing your browser’s cache.

Rebuild menu

– Go to Menus -> Main Menu (I am supposing the menu falls on Main Menu. However, it can also be in Top or Footer menu.)
– Check the menu which is giving 404 error
– Click ‘Rebuild’ button

Clear Joomla Cache

– Go to System -> Clear Cache
– Check all items
– Click ‘Delete’ button

– Go to System -> Purge Expired Cache
– Click ‘Purge expired’ button

Clear Browser Cache

– Open your browser
– Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE button
– Select ‘Cached images and files’
– From the dropdown, select the time (past hour, past day, beginning of time, etc.)
– Click ‘Clear browsing data’ button

After the above steps, the menu should be working fine.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Michael

    Worked great for me and fixed menu, Thanks.