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Social Media Voice: Have you discovered yours?

You live in a social media world, where a majority of internet users are seen active on various social and blogging platforms. The sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have found a good space in majority of internet users’ life. Here they share anything to everything. Therefore the social media sites also witness a number of ups and downs taking place as well in different users’ life.

In this world, the words the users share travels much faster and at the same returns with same pace. The phrase ‘words returns to bite you’ is seen proving true to the users. These voices do bring both good and bad for you and your business. People are seen being fired from the company, husband and wife separating with a divorce, public relation divisions are scrambling owing to the social media blunders.

Indeed the social media world has redefined the power and precision of people’s words. So at such point of time, where do you stand and what is your social media voice? This is the question which we will be discussing in this article.

Your words can bite you

The social media is a platform for conversation and interaction. It is not simply a channel to push your marketing content or try some promotion strategy. People here look to talk to others, share, like and create a network. So when you enter in social media with business in mind make sure you first consider the element of social in this world and then proceed. Simply by just promoting your brand will lead you nowhere.
In fact using social media for business or raising your voice for business is a different domain which can be accomplished using various ways and methods. So while you begin things, remember your voice will return to you to bite in case you shared something negative or rude. This has to be kept in our minds while putting your words and content.

You need to define your stand

You have to define your stand before you write or share anything with people or users of different social media platforms. You can begin with sharing things like even your tagline provided it is neatly written and drafted. It will represent your voice and help you in making your brand value among the hordes of users all across the social media networks.

You can call this as your soapbox or mission or your position on a couple of important issues. The moot point here is to share and write down things the way you represent yourself. Remember the way you will share the content to the people over social media would make or mar you. So when you write your voice on these places, you need to be proper and specific as this will shape you.

Sharing valuable content

When you have to share or write things over the social media platform, make sure it has some value in it. This will help you in strengthening your voice over the social media platforms. Also, remain consistent in doing so; this will help you in growing. You will also increase your reputation by bringing in traffic to your website eventually benefiting your business.

So, having a proper and tangible voice on social media, you can improve your personality and eventually your brand. To do this, you need to share things as per the likes and dislikes of people found in the social media. You shouldn’t be disappointing them by coming up with repetitive or dull content. Share your voice in a creative way with consistent tone and style.

The social media platforms have given people a voice. Having a good voice on social media would depend upon a fact as what good and positive things you share over these platforms. Going as per the phrase which says that your words would return in the same pace to bite, you need to be conscious about what you say or share over these places.

You can gain your voice over the social media only by trying to share something good and tangible.

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Alia Haley is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is always on a lookout for latest tech stuff and recently purchased a cool ipad docking station. She is a big fan of the concept of flying car and dreams of owing one someday.

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