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Professional and Job oriented IT Training in Nepal

It is the age of technology. Be it in education, modern business, sports or space science; we can’t even image milestones of progress in these sectors without embracing the technology. However, we can all agree for the right advancement, there should appropriate upgrade in knowledge. As well can all agree, presently information technology industry is booming. You may wonder why? And instantly realize the essence of IT in the technological advancement, plus, the day to day uses of IT in our lives. I would not be exaggerating if I pronounce, IT is gift of our generation to the future world, a boon indeed.

So, I have a question now. Why the IT market in Nepal is still lagging behind in worldwide scenario. Would I be wrong to infer that we lack the quality in terms of human resource and vision in IT, would I? Definitely not. And, next question automatically arises. Do we lack human resource for exploiting the growth of IT industry? No and no.

So what the issue here? As I already stated the issue is; we lack quality in terms of professionals and vision to produce such professionals. I have to admit that government alone can’t be blamed for the failure. We as a nation need to do the soul searching. In my opinion, though, it not a daunting task. Only the initiatives and intention matters, of government, of society and of professionals in related fields.

There is a silver lining though. With the total spending in IT worldwide reaching the staggering mark of 3.7 trillion dollars and 3.1 percent increase in 2014. Nepal can surely benefit this worldwide trend, provided that we produce appropriate resources to cash the growth.

I have been very encouraged by the private sector’s contribution, especially in IT industry. Entrepreneurs and professionals have reaped benefited of global booming of IT Industry. And I am very optimistic that Nepal slowly but surely is producing skilled and qualified professionals. As a student of IT and fellow professional, I have been visiting some of professional training providers in Nepal. And, I can surely say that some of the trusted and expert professionals in Nepal have sincere desire for knowledge sharing.

There are few but reputed professional computer training providers contributing towards quality education for computer graduates in Nepal. IT Training Nepal is seen to be forefront in this sector, as a professional computer training institute in Nepal, providing job oriented computer training services in programming languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Android and networking courses like CCNA and other. Their internship programs and training methodology have made them among the top computer providers for PHP training in Nepal. The training institute is located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu and founded by IT professionals. I have been moved by their sincerity and diligence in approach as well as infrastructure. Moreover, there are other training providers; I would love to know about your opinions and experience.

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