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[15 Aug 2016 | One Comment]

This article shows how to run Magento 2 code in an external file/script. The external file can be inside the Magento root folder or outside of it.
This example considers that the file is present in the Magento 2 root folder. Let us name the file as abc.php. So, we want to execute some code when we open

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[8 Aug 2016 | One Comment]

This article shows how you can override / rewrite Block, Controller, Model, and Helper in Magento 2.
This can be done by two ways:
1) using Preference
2) using Plugin

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[2 Aug 2016 | 4 Comments]

Magento 2 provides a new feature called Plugin or Interceptor that is used to run some code before/after/around any function call of any public class. Hence, with the help of Plugins, we can change the behavior of class method without making any changes in the code of the class itself. This also avoids conflicts with other modules.
Let’s suppose your module is named YourCompany_YourModule.

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[25 Jul 2016 | One Comment]

Auto Currency Switcher 2 is a currency switcher extension for Magento 2 which automatically switches store currency based on visitor’s IP address.
Auto Currency Switcher 2 extension tracks visitor’s IP address and automatically changes the store currency to the visitor’s location currency. Visitor can switch to his/her desired currency at any time.

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[18 Jul 2016 | One Comment]

This article shows how you can create event observer in a custom module in Magento 2.
In Magento 2, there is a separate xml file where you can define your event observer. For frontend events, you need to write your code in app/code/YourCompany/YourModule/etc/frontend/events.xml and for admin events, you need to write event observer code in app/code/YourCompany/YourModule/etc/adminhtml/events.xml.
Remember that, you need to place your Observer class in app/code/YourCompany/YourModule/Observer/ directory.

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[14 Jul 2016 | No Comment]

I am getting the following error while adding a new module to my Magento 2 installation and running the command on terminal php bin/magento setup:upgrade.
[InvalidArgumentException] There are no commands defined in the “setup” namespace

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[7 Jul 2016 | No Comment]

This article provides a solution to the error occurred while accessing Payment methods section in Magento admin panel.

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[30 Jun 2016 | One Comment]

I recently got the following error while trying to install a custom extension on Joomla.
JFolder::create: Could not create directory

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[27 Jun 2016 | One Comment]

This article shows how to create and run cronjob in a custom module in Magento 2. To know about general details about setting up and running cron on Magento 2, you may refer to this official documentation. This documentation will show you how you can create cron job on web server as well.
Here, we will focus on creating / setting up / running cron for a custom Magento 2 module.