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This article shows how you can programmatically (through code) create customers in Magento 1.x.
In this example code, you can find saving customer general information along with saving customer’s billing address and shipping address.
Here are the steps followed in the code below:

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Recommender System, Sentiment Analysis »

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Below is the step-by-step beginner guide to conduct experiment on any Recommender System research that contains some work on Natural Language Processing (NLP) as well. So, this can be a guide to NLP research work as well specifically for Sentiment Analysis. Recommender System research can include users’ reviews text and process them using Sentiment Analysis & Machine Learning techniques.
Before starting the research on Recommender Systems or NLP experiment with data, we should be very clear about the things highlighted below. If these things are understood properly then it will be …

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This article shows:
1) How to create Google Form using standalone HTML file
2) Fetch data from Google Spreadsheet and populate Select box of the HTML Form
3) Populate second select box based on the value selected from first select box
4) Show result data from spreadsheet on form submit
Basically, we have a spreadsheet that contains exam marks obtained by students of different grades/classes.

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This article show how to populate one select box by selecting option of another select box/list. We will use a Javascript object. Each key of the object contains array as value.
A first select box is populated with the Javascript object’s keys. Then when the value from the first select box is selected then based on that value, the second select box is populated.

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Associated Product Price in Cart is a FREE Magento extension that uses the associated simple product’s price in shopping cart instead of the configurable product’s price.
This module is compatible with Magento version 1.5 and later (Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9).

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This article shows:
1) How to create Google Form using standalone HTML file
2) Email form submitted data to any particular email address
Create HTML file

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I have been using Disqus commenting system on my WordPress blog. Recently, I found that comments were automatically closed on many of my blog posts.
I tried editing my blog posts in WordPress admin to see if it has ‘Allow Comments’ checkbox checked or not. All of the blog posts had “Allow Comments” checked.

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This article shows:

1) How to create Google Form using AppScript’s “FormApp” class
2) Send Form URL to any email address using MailApp or GmailApp class
3) How to use Triggers in AppScript
4) How to send Form submit Responses to any email address
5) How to save Form submit Responses to any particular Google Spreadsheet
Create Google Form and email the Form URL

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This article shows how to get latitude and longitude of a particular place or city. We read the city/place name from a Google Spreadsheet, then get the latitude and longitude of that place using Google AppScript’s “Maps” class and then save the lat long in the spreadsheet.
We will also be reading two places name from a Google Spreadsheet and then get the distance between those places in Kilometer using AppScript’s Maps class. Then, we save the distance in the spreadsheet.