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Your public keyring becomes a long list after you go on importing other peoples’ keys into your system. Later on you might feel to delete some of them which are unnecessary.
You can do so (delete keys from your public keyring) with the following command:

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Magento Responsive Admin Template is seen as a sweet magician bringing a stylish but not less stunning performance to your web-shop. It is sure to make your Magento site more and more remarkable among others. Additionally, it is not necessary to take care whether you are a beginner or a master of this field. It is because this theme gives you the easiest accessibility on using it.

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Checksum is used to verify the data integrity of files. It can be used to detect errors while transmitting data between devices or over the internet. The checksum functions as a digital fingerprint of a file. Computer programs like md5sum and sha256sum calculate and verify checksum. md5sum calculates and verifies 128-bit MD5 hashes and sha1sum calculates and verifies SHA-1 hashes.
Verifying locally stored files

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What customers expect for when shopping on your online-store? They must be good products, good service of customer’s care. Plus, the convenience you bring to them during purchasing online is very important. With Magento platform, you are not necessary to worry about getting this accomplishment.
Magento store is supplied with a variety of useful and valuable extensions, making your store different from others. Let’s take some minutes and explore our suggestions:

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In LaTeX, if you write quotation (punctuation) mark in normal way then you will get into problem. Normally we write word with quotation as: “Your words”. This is displayed as ”Your words” in LaTeX (both opening and closing quote facing the same side).
The proper way of writing quotation in LaTeX is:

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By default, the “\subsubsection” heading has no numbering and it is also not shown in “Table of Contents”. To put numbering and to show the subsubsection in table of contents, we need to define the counter value of “tocdepth” and “secnumdepth” in the preamble of your LaTeX document using “\setcounter“.
Here is the sample LaTeX document code:

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By default, your LaTeX document has Chapter name (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.) for each chapter. If you want to remove such chapter name from your document, then you can use titlesec package and define the titleformat in order to hide the chapter title.
Below are two code samples: one which shows chapter name and the other which removes the chapter name using titlesec package.

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Impatience has been one of key reasons for customers to repel away from an eCommerce store. A customer expects to be impressed by the drop of a hat. Be it your website’s design or features, everything should be built focusing your end customer’s convenience. To find out what your customers exactly want is like looking for a needle in a haystack as there are many factors involved in it. However one factor that distinctly acts as a gateway between your eCommerce site and the customer is your site’s loading speed.
Being …

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You might need to print the list of symbols or list of abbreviations for your LaTeX document. nomencl package can be used for this purpose.
You need to load the nomencl package in the preamble of your document. The command \makenomenclature will instruct LaTeX to open the nomenclature file filename.nlo corresponding to your LaTeX file filename.tex and to write the information from your \nomenclature commands to this file.