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Here is a step-by-step guide on including and scaling SVG image on LaTeX.
1) Download and install Inkscape:
2) Suppose, I have an svg image named “image.svg“.
Run the following command that exports your svg image to PDF and LaTeX format.

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You have plain text and link to those text in Magento Layered Navigation section. You can easily change the display of Layered Navigation links into a selection box / dropdown list. To do so, you need to edit the following file:

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Here is a quick tip to hide any column from admin grid in Magento. Hiding columns in admin grid becomes necessary when you want those particular columns in exported csv or xml file but you don’t want to display them in the admin grid.
You can hide columns from admin grid by setting column_css_class and header_css_class as no-display to the column you want to hide in the addColumn function. This will hide your column from the admin grid. However, this column will be present when you export the grid data …

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[6 Jul 2015 | 5 Comments]

Custom options on Magento products are designed to make simple products function like a configurable product with different choosing options like color, size, etc. before purchasing the product.
In this tutorial, I present the code to create/add, view, and delete custom options of a product in Magento.

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[3 Jul 2015 | 5 Comments]

Print Product & Shopping Cart Page is a FREE Magento Extension that generates neat and clean print page of products and shopping cart, removing unnecessary header, footer & sidebar.
This module is compatible with Magento version 1.5 and higher (Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9).

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You upload an image to dropbox and get the share link of that image. If you have a very large image then the share link for that image doesn’t display the original image. It displays a low quality image.
Here is a trick to get the original image URL link.

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Here is a quick code to get all products from a particular/specified category in Magento.
First of all, you need to load the category (whose products you want to display) and get it’s ID. You can load a category by it’s ID or if you are in a category page then you can get category information from Magento registry. I have included code to load category in both ways.
You can fetch all enabled or disabled and visible or not visible products. We create ‘not visible’ products while creating configurable type …

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You can use APA reference style in LaTeX using biblatex and babel packages.
You have to add the following code in the preamble of your tex file:

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There are two ways to add bibliography (references) to your document. One is for small document with few bibliography items using thebibliography environment. The other is for large documents where there are many bibliography items using packages like biblatex.