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[9 Aug 2011 | 3 Comments]

I am unable to start the localhost server (wamp / xampp).
When I type http://localhost or in Firefox, I get the following error message:-

Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost.


[2 Aug 2011 | 8 Comments]

This article describes how to get country and city information using MaxMind‘s GeoIP technology. You provide the IP address of the visitor and GeoIP can give you country and city information for that IP address.
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[25 Jul 2011 | One Comment]

This article will show how you can configure your domain settings so that email messages to your domain will be routed through the Google Apps mail server. In other words, by adjusting some settings in your domain cpanel and creating an account in google apps, you will be able to access emails to your domain through Google (in Gmail interface).
For example:-

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[18 Jul 2011 | 3 Comments]

Some definitions of foreign key:-
A FOREIGN KEY in one table points to a PRIMARY KEY in another table.
A foreign key is a field in a relational table that matches the primary key of another table. The foreign key can be used to cross-reference tables. A table may have multiple foreign keys, and each foreign key can have a different referenced table.

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[11 Jul 2011 | No Comment]

My archive link is not working in my WordPress blog. Precisely saying, the date-based archive is not working. I am redirected to 404 page when I try to access Yearly Archive or Monthly Archive.
Cause & Solution:-

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[4 Jul 2011 | 2 Comments]

A new secret key is created every time you login to Magento Admin. So, there will be a unique key (32 chars long) for each session of your Magento admin login. This key is appended to the admin URL as http://your-admin-url/key/743c37b1…adf6588/
This is basically added for security reason. In their release note, Magento say that they added secret key to URL for CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) Attack Prevention.

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[27 Jun 2011 | 11 Comments]

Here is a quick guide on how to change admin url path in Magento. This need to be done for security reason to be safe from hacking/cracking issue. Basically, this is done not to let any general user to access the admin page.
Generally, we do have ‘admin‘ as the administrator path for Magento. So, the admin URL will be http://www.example.com/admin/

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[20 Jun 2011 | 5 Comments]

This article will show you how to create shopping cart price rule in Magento through code.
Shopping Cart Price Rules are applied when the customer reaches the shopping cart.
To create a Shopping Cart Price Rule from Admin Panel, we go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules and select Add New Rule.

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[14 Jun 2011 | 4 Comments]

Here, you will see how to create Catalog Price Rule in Magento through code.
Catalog Rules are applied on products before they are added to the cart.
To create a Catalog Price Rule from Admin Panel, we go to Promotions -> Catalog Price Rules and select Add New Rule.