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[23 Mar 2015 | 5 Comments]

I have different select box and multiple select boxes. The select dropdown and multi select boxes have some price value associated with them. Upon selecting them I have to calculate the total price and display it in a textbox.

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[12 Mar 2015 | 2 Comments]

The year 2014 saw a big boom in the ecommerce market with industry giants like Amazon earning a revenue of staggering $89 billion in contrast to $75 billion the previous year. This stat speak volumes about the humungous growth of ecommerce. From conventional shoppers to entrepreneurs, all have been bitten by ecommerce bug.
What could have spawned this change? The prime reason is access to internet. As far as an ecommerce is concerned, you don’t need to wait on queues, you get unlimited choices, you are able to analyze a product …

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[9 Mar 2015 | Comments Off on jQuery: Calculate total price amount on Multiple Checkbox & Radio button selection]

I have different checkboxes and radio buttons. The checkboxes and radio buttons have some price value associated with them. Upon checking them I have to calculate the total price and display it in a textbox.

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[23 Feb 2015 | One Comment]

Here are the code snippets to check for different secure URLs in Magento.
Secure URL can be enabled from configuration settings (System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Web -> Secure).
Enable Secure URL in Frontend

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[9 Feb 2015 | Comments Off on Magento: Get currency code & currency rate]

Here are the code snippets to get base currency code, default currency code, current currency code, all allowed currency code and current currency rate in Magento.
Base currency is the currency that is used for online transaction from your store.

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[26 Jan 2015 | One Comment]

This tutorial shows how to add a custom select list in configuration settings of a custom Magento module.
Suppose, your module’s namespace is YourNamespace and your module’s name is YourModule. And, you want to add a selection list of Brands that contains mobile brand names like Samsung, Sony, Apple, etc.

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[12 Jan 2015 | One Comment]

When you share a link of your page on Facebook, you may notice that Facebook is fetching images from your page. If there are multiple images on your page then you can have option to select the image to be displayed on the shared post. Sometime an advertisement image might be displayed as the first image while sharing link through Facebook.
Generally, when people share a link, they don’t bother about choosing the right image, editing title or description. They will just paste the link and hit the post button. …

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[30 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on 10 Magento 2 features you’d definitely want to give a try]

Serving as a global leader in e-commerce solutions, Magento has been into existence since 5 years from now. With over 4 million downloads till date, Magento has been successful in becoming the number one choice of online merchants worldwide. With Magento 2 beta release planned for December 2014, e-store builders have got a whole new reason for celebration. With the ever booming e-commerce market, Magento 2 promises to offer features that will play a pivotal role in pacing up the growth of e-commerce industry. Keep on reading this blog to …

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[18 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Python: Print variable in human readable form like print_r in PHP]

print_r prints a PHP variable into human readable form.
The same can be achieved in Python using pprint module.