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[24 Sep 2014 | No Comment]

I got this error while I was installing a third party Magento module. Actually, the module was tested for higher Magento version than 1.4 and I had to install that module on Magento version 1.4.

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[9 Sep 2014 | One Comment]

Here is the code to delete all shopping cart items of currently logged in single customer:

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[19 Aug 2014 | 4 Comments]

By default, customers are redirected to ‘Customer Account Dashboard’ page after login. This feature can be easily changed from Magento configuration settings.
Configuration Settings

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[6 Aug 2014 | No Comment]

Here is a quick code to check if a Magento module is installed, enabled or active.
The functions isModuleEnabled and isModuleOutputEnabled are present in Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract class.

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[22 Jul 2014 | No Comment]

When people come to your shop and start purchasing, the feelings they will have after they’ve finished are most important for you as for a Magento store owner. Will they be happy about your service? Would they like to use it again? To make sure that customers’ satisfaction is high and they are glad about the purchase they have made, consider 5 points which will make your online store preferable among others.
What are easy ways to satisfy a customer?

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[16 Jul 2014 | No Comment]

I moved my Joomla installation from one server to another and now I am unable to login to the admin panel. This case can also happen while moving from one online server to my local machine or moving from local machine to online server.
When I go to the administrator login page: , I can enter the admin username and password. However, I am not taken to the admin page. I get redirected to the same login page and without any error message. I know that I have entered the …

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[4 Jul 2014 | No Comment]

Here are some of the interesting fun facts of the FIFA World Cup which started from 1930 in Uruguay.

1) The first World Cup was won by Uruguay.
2) The World Cup was not played in 1942 and 1946 because of the Second World War.

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[12 Jun 2014 | No Comment]

Through this poll, I am trying to analyze how the voting and team rankings fluctuates as the world cup progresses. I started this poll exactly one month before the world cup. I will be publishing the result and ranking of teams with votes after each stage of the tournament.
The poll is at the end of this article. If you want to skip this analysis then you can directly go the poll: Vote Now

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[2 Jun 2014 | 3 Comments]

Sometimes we might need to show a single static block in one or few specified categories only, rather than showing the static block on all pages.
The layout XML code below helps to achieve the above requirement. It will show the static block ‘my-sidebar-1′ on right sidebar of category with id ’10’. Similarly, static block ‘my-sidebar-2′ is displayed on the category page with id ’12’.