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[3 Apr 2014 | No Comment]

I got the following error while working on a JSP project on Eclipse IDE. I have been using Tomcat server version 7.
Here is the error message:

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[26 Mar 2014 | No Comment]

I have been using Tomcat server version 7. I get the following error message when I try to run the JSP application from Eclipse IDE.
Starting Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost has encountered a problem.

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[21 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments]

E-commerce has been developing rapidly since its emergence, especially in recent years. One of the important contributors to the development of e-commerce is Magento. According to the recent research conducted by Tom Robbert Shaw, over a quarter of online businesses selected Magento as the platform for their websites (including a number of famous companies such as Nike and Olympus), and annual transaction in these sites is more than 25 billion US dollars. The question is: why these companies have been choosing Magento as an e-commerce platform for their websites?

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[6 Jan 2014 | No Comment]

I placed an order in Magento using Paypal payment method. Everything went fine. I was able to pay through Paypal. However, when I login to the shop as a customer, I see that ‘My Orders‘ section is empty. I could not find information of the order I recently placed.

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[30 Dec 2013 | No Comment]

Event-Observer methodology is a very helpful way for customizing Magento. It’s an alternative to overriding Magento core classes/methods.
Magento has raised event at many useful places. However, there can be a situation where there is no event present in any particular method/function and we want an event to be raised there.

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[23 Dec 2013 | No Comment]

Here is a quick and complete code to load parent category from current category page and to get sub categories of parent category along with their product count.

Hope it helps. Thanks.

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[16 Dec 2013 | One Comment]

Here is a code snippet to get sales quote and order data in both admin and frontend in Magento.
Get Sales Quote in Frontend

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[9 Dec 2013 | 2 Comments]

You can add tabs in a CMS page in Magento. I have used jQueryUI tabs for this purpose. You can view the examples and source code of the tabs feature here:
Here is the step-by-step guide to create tabs on Magento CMS page:-

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[25 Nov 2013 | No Comment]

Here is a quick code to get / load product by its SKU in Magento.
Generally we load product by its ID. Assuming product id to be ‘166’.