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MySQL Installation Problem: Can’t create pid file – no such file or directory

Problem: can’t create pid file: no such file or directory

I had this problem and had a very tough and frustrating time with it. While I was installing a fresh copy of MySQL 5 in Windows XP, I got this problem. (I was installing it from the installer i.e. setup file.) The server was not starting and ‘error 0’ was displayed. I tried to start the server from the command line by typing “mysqld-nt –console” and then got the error “can’t create pid file: no such file or directory“. It was also displaying the message like “cannot create/write file C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data\com2.pid”.


The main problem was my computer name. My computer name was ‘com2‘. MySQL makes the file with the computer name in the directory of it’s data (in my case C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data\) . Now, it was unable to create a file named com2 (which was my computer name) because in WINDOWS you cannot make file/folder with the name com1,com2,com3… and so on.

Hence, I changed my computer name, restarted my computer and then reconfigured MySQL. All well done and MySQL started running.


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