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Multiple file upload using jQuery and PHP

This tutorial shows how easy it is to upload multiple files using jQuery and PHP.

I have used jQuery MultiFile Plugin for this purpose.

The input type file should have name in list format like “pic[]” and the class name of the input should be “multi”.

Below is the complete code for multiple file upload

For more multi-file upload examples, see:

Hope it helps. Thanks.


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  • Bil0313

    Thanks a lot..,but u said multi.but there is only one textbox,when i try to add more textbox 2 upload multiple files i am getting error,can u plz help??i need to add a second textbox to upload files simultaneously..

  • successful application :) Thanks…

  • Pennix

    I have the same issue with Bil0313.
    Is there a way to customize the script in order to have the ability to select more than one pic at the time (ie. by pressing the shift key) ?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Pennix

    I have a possible solution to this by adding the following link in the html part:

    The issue that I’m facing now is that the list of the selected files contains only the first one.
    Is there a way to append the rest of the filenames to the list? I have tried looping through the list.append , addToList etc..with no luck.
    Any ideas really appreciated!

  • pennix

    Hello Bil,
    Didi you find any solution to the problem that you describe?
    Thanks in advance

  • Your title said multiple file upload, but it seems like a single file upload script to me. Wanna modify the title then?

  • Thanks a lot…
    I like this article lot

  • Hi mukesh can u tell very good books for PHP and JQuery?

  • Valluriravikumar

    The file jquery.MultiFile.js is not working in Overlay window(Pop window). Can anyone tell the solution for the same.

  • Nivahada

    how  to  insert those file in database