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Meet your expectations with Pinterest

Pinterest has clearly grabbed its role as a perfect social media site with it excellence in enhancing web traffic, online presence and interaction. Pinterest is not just a social media site, where you can post things and share with. It is something else too! Before getting on with it, read on further to know few amusing stats on Pinterest.

Pinterest – Interesting Stats

1. About 70 percent of Pinterest users are women.
2. Pinterest has reached the world’s third biggest social networking site.
3. Every month it has an average of 11 million unique users.
4. The average household income of 1/3rd of Pinterest users is $100,000.
5. 80 percent of pins are actually repins.
6. Pinterest drive more refferal traffic than Google+, YouTube, Linkedin and even these three combined.
7. An average of 1.7 million users are logging into their Pinterest account daily.
8. Pinterest users spend an average of 15.8 minutes in Pinterest, which is higher than those of Facebook and Twitter users’. For Facebook it is 12.1 and for twitter it is 3.3 minutes.
9. Pinterest has 97 percent of women fans on Facebook.
10. Nearly 50 percent of Pinterest users have children.
11. Pinterest is the second biggest social media network to drive traffic for brands.

If these are few true stats, my question is, what is there in Pinterest that drive people so crazy. I’ll tell you what. Pinterest comes with an extraordinary photo sharing feature, where you can pin any number photos in any number of albums. ‘Pinning’ is something you call ‘sharing’ in Facebook and ‘Pinboard’ is the one you call ‘wall’ in Facebook. While things are similar to that of Facebook, Pinterest has some unique features that is not available with any other social network.

Pinterest – Benefits to your Brands

Pinterest is SEO optimized and can easily drive referral traffic to your sites. Especially for brands where images play a vital role, nothing like Pinterest could drive a high traffic. Food, fashion, photography, design and gadgets are few highly benefited fields from Pinterest. Another best thing about Pinterest is, you can login using your Facebook and Twitter accounts too. You can also share your Pinterest images on Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest is user-Friendly and hassle-free. With its two direct elements pins and boards, people can interact with each other more easily. You can ‘follow’ any number of users, irrespective of whether they follow you. You can also follow a group of users whom someone else is following. ‘Repin’ is something you are pinning on your board, which is already been pinned by someone else. You can repin images found either from the board of Pinterest user or from anywhere on the web. With this ‘Follow’ and ‘repin’ option, several brands can be promoted. If they are having some valid content on their Pinboards, definitely their brands are going to be followed and re-pinned. This helps in driving more traffic to any business.

Above all, if you are planning to promote your brand via Pinterest, then the only way you could attract visitors is by visual things. Keep showcasing striking photos about your brands in Pinterest. Make sure your pins seem pleasing and not scattered or clumsy. You can spend minimal of your daily time by pinning valid updates on Pinterest. This could get your brand with maximum repins. Keep updating on your new products and worthy slogans.

Hope you got an idea on meeting your expectations with Pinterest. Do remember, if you are looking to have a powerful publicity tool for your business, then Pinterest can be the apt choice.

About the Author:

Linda is the Senior Designer & UI Editor of Apptha . Her specialty is designing Joomla Templates Pinterest software with the best UI and design reviewing. She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars and Internet design geek and volunteers with Contus Support.

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