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Magento: View more than 200 items in Admin Grid

By default, Magento allows maximum of 200 items to be viewed at a time in admin grid. Admin grid pagination contains maximum of 200 items in a single page.

view as in magento admin grid

Sometime, you might need/want to view more than 200 items in a single page. For this, you need to edit a file of admin design template. Here is how to do so:

– Open app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/widget/grid.phtml
– Search for the following select list code

– Add 500 and 1000 or any other number in the option value. The final select list code will look like this:

– You will now see 500 and 1000 in the “View as” options in admin grid. Now, maximum of 1000 items can be displayed in a single page of the grid.

Hope this helps.


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