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Magento: Up-sells, Cross-sells and Related products are not showing up

Here is a quick solution to the problem of upsell, cross sell and related products not showing up in Magento shop frontend. This problem occurs in Magento version 1.4 or higher.


I have added up-sells, cross-sells and related products to a product from admin. But when I view the product from frontend, I don’t see any up-sells, cross-sells and related products.


– Login to Admin
– Go to System -> Index Management
– Select All checkboxes
– Select ‘Reindex Data‘ from Actions selection list
– Click Submit button

You are done. Now, you will be able to see upsell, cross sell and related products in frontend.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • helloBoy

    there are lots of spam at my wp blog, how 2 stop comments

  • DaaM

    you save my life…. thank you soooo much ! It woks like miracle :)
    Keep it up… your blog is very useful for magento developers.

  • magento themes

    Greta stuff………As a new Magento Developer in every stage I am facing problem and I need to learn some thing new.Your article helped me a lot.Thanks for sharing.

  • i have tried to reindex the database as described, but i still do not see the cross-sells, etc. appearing on the product page.

    any other ideas? could it be something in my theme (ie. in category.xml) that stops this?

  • Thanks for your help Mukesh

  • Carli

    I too have the same problem even after re-indexing.  did you find a solution in the end?

  • Rohan Patil

    thanks mukesh u save my time and efforts 

  • Pavel

    Thank you sooo much Mukesh!!!

  • Thank you so much! problem solved

  • Biniou

    Thanks for your help, that works

  • Barakobammy

    No solution at all. Doesn’t work. This Magento is so full of bugs, it’s ridiculous.

  • Luis

    You are the one !!!! thx a lot

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  • Lyndon Lewis

    Hmmm, how about checking the products are not configurable, grouped or have custom options, in which case they will not show up no matter how much you re index. Simple “solutions” don’t really provide many answers

  • Nina Manelashvili

    Thank you, Mukesh, it worked for me perfectly! And I was desperate. My display looked gruesome without related products.