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Magento: Unable to select custom attribute on product collection


I had added a new product attribute. Suppose the attribute code is ‘test’. I have been trying to fetch/select that newly added product attribute. Here is my Magento collection code:-

I don’t see the attribute ‘test’ when I print the collection data.


The attribute is not fetched because my shop had ‘Product Flat Data’ enabled. And the attribute is not included in the Flat Product Index.


To include the attribute (our attribute code is ‘test’) in flat index, we need to add the following code in config.xml file of your custom module:

After that, we need to reindex Product Flat Data.

– Login to Admin
– Go to System -> Index Management
– Reindex ‘Product Flat Data

Now, the above collection code should be able to select your custom attribute ‘test‘.

Thanks to Ivan Chepurnyi for the solution over here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11798502/327862

Hope it helps. Thanks.


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  • Magento Developer

    Another way is to load the product by id in the loop and get the data.