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Magento: System Configuration with Tab for Custom Module

This article shows how to add system configuration (System -> Configuration) menu with menu tab for your custom module.

Let us suppose, you have already created a local module.

Module Namespace: Chapagain
Module Name: News

Here is a step-by-step guide:-

1) Create app/code/local/Chapagain/News/etc/system.xml with the following code:-

We have created a new system tab with label ‘Chapagain’. The tab menu/section is named ‘Info’. The section group is named ‘General Settings’. This group has two fields.

2) Edit/Create app/code/local/Chapagain/News/etc/adminhtml.xml and write the following code:

Note: If you are using older version (prior to 1.4) of Magento then you should write the following code inside adminhtml node of config.xml file of your module.

3) Login to your Magento admin. Go to System -> Configuration

4) You should be able to see like the following image:-

system menu

More detail and indepth information about Magento System Configuration can be found on the following articles by Ivan Chepurnyi:-

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