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Magento: Step-by-Step Moneybookers Payment Method Setup

This article shows step-by-step guide to setup Moneybookers (Skrill) Payment Method on Magento.

I will be dealing with the developer perspective (creating and testing with a Test account).

1. Create Test Accounts

You have to create two test account. One is Merchant/Business Account and the other is Personal Account.

Use two different email address for the two accounts.
Do not use the same email address that you are using for the real account on Moneybookers.

Signup for Merchant/Business account

Signup for Personal/Buyer account

Ask Moneybookers to convert the two accounts to test accounts : The two accounts (Merchange and Personal) that you have created are not test accounts by default. Login with your real moneybookers account and then contact Moneybookers to convert those accounts to test accounts.

Here is the sample request:-

Please convert the following two accounts to test account:-

Merchant account
Email: merchant@example.com
Customer ID: 1234

Buyer account
Email: buyer@example.com
Customer ID: 9876

– Moneybookers will verify your request and email you within 1 to 2 days. After your request is being accepted, the two accounts you requested will be converted to test accounts. And your buyer account will have some dummy amount deposited. So that you could test the payment process.

2. Create secret word for Merchant Test Account

– Login with your merchant test account.
– On left sidebar menu of My Account section, click on the menu named ‘Merchant Tools‘.
– Type your desired secret word

3. Moneybookers configuration settings on Magento Admin

– Login to your Magento Admin
– Go to System -> Configuration -> SALES -> Moneybookers -> Moneybookers Settings
– Enter your Merchant Test Account’s Email Address
– The Customer ID is fetched automatically
– Add the Secret Word you just created at Moneybookers
– Click ‘Validate Secret Word’ button
– Save Config

4. Enable Moneybookers Payment

– There are many Moneybookers Payment method type listed on System -> Configuration -> SALES -> Moneybookers -> Moneybookers Settings
– Enable your desired one. For example, I am enabling the general payment type titled “All Credit Cards / Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JSB, Diners (powered by Moneybookers) – International”.

Finally, Moneybookers is enabled in your Magento shop. You can see this payment method on checkout.


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  • Sunny

    Sir When i login my skrill account
    then Top righthand bar above my account option
    and then there is not merchant tools option i see properly but not showing :(
    so how can i get secert word for magento i am in serious problem can you help me plz :( :(