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Magento: Showing Store Selector / Switcher in header and footer

Here, I will show you how to show the store selector (store switcher) in header. By default, the store selector is present in footer.

Create a new phtml file (template/page/switch/stores-top.phtml) and write the following code in it :-

Add store_switcher_top block after store_language block inside header block of page.xml present around line #66 :-

Add getChildHtml(‘store_switcher_top’) below getChildHtml(‘store_language’) in template/page/html/header.phtml like below :-

That’s all. Now, you can see store selector in header and footer both.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • great sharing thankls

  • Sam

    fantastic..thanks for sharing…. 

  • pintoo

    thanks for your usefull post

  • hackroid

    good tutorial..its working fine

  • Gurvinder

    Thanks mukesh..useful a lot

  • JD

    How to make it responsive and make it appear next to the language switcher on smaller screens, it disappears for me on phone screens and tablet screens?

  • rakesh sharma

    I always use your code and it will work proper.
    Thanks for your Support