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Magento: Setup Multiple Website

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to create multiple websites in Magento.

I suppose that Magento is installed in the website’s root folder. Let’s assume the website URL to be your-website.com. Magento is already installed in your-website.com. Now, we will be setting up for new website from Magento admin.

Let our new website be your-new-website.com.

Create Website, Store, and Store View

1) Create Website

– Go to System –> Manage Stores
– Create Website
– Name = My Website
– Code = mywebsite
– Sort Order = 10
– Save Website

new website

2) Create Store

– Go to System -> Manage Stores
– Create Store
– Website = My Website
– Name = Main Store
– Root Category = Root Catalog

new website

3) Create Store View

– Go to System -> Manage Stores
– Create Store View
– Store = My Website -> Main Store
– Name = English
– Code = English
– Status = Enabled
– Sort Order = 10

new website

4) Change Base URL
– Go to System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Web
– Change ‘Current Configuration Scope’ to ‘My Website’
– Unsecure -> Base URL = http://your-new-website.com/

new website

5) (Optional) Change Theme: If you want different design for your new website

– Suppose your new design template and skin folder is named ‘mywebsite’
– Copy ‘mywebsite’ template folder to magento/app/design/frontend/default/
– Copy ‘mywebsite’ skin folder to magento/skin/frontend/default/

– Go to System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Design
– Change ‘Current Configuration Scope’ to ‘My Website’
– Themes -> Default = ‘mywebsite’
– Uncheck ‘Use Default’
– Save Config

6) Copy index.php of magento folder into your-new-website’s folder

– Open index.php of your-new-website folder
– Change


– Change


– Write

just before

7) Copy .htaccess file from magento folder to your-new-website’s folder

8) Create symbolic links for the following folders:

If you don’t have shell access, then you can do this with the help of PHP as well.

– Write the above code in a PHP file.
– Upload it on your new website’s folder.
– Run it.
– This will create symbolic link on your new website’s folder.

That’s all.

Finally, you have created a new website for your magento shop. Your base installation can be browsed by http://your-website.com/ and your new website can be browsed by http://your-new-website.com/

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • satya k

    I am new to magento, I am integrating our site with magento…I have 2 website in Magento Admin panel..System–>Manage Stores–>create website,I have created 2 website and there corresponding view and store as well..I am able to assign categories using webservice request(as it requires category id i called the category tree service and fetched id).It is working fine,but how to assign websites using website request,I am unable to find a service to get website ids.How can i get website id or how to assign websites to a product at time of creation

  • Void

    Hello Sir! Can you please tell me how can I setup this multiple website thing on my localhost, I am using WAMP, but I cannot able to manage it. Maybe I have to change something in Apache, but don’t exactly know what. The htaccess setting maybe.. Please help me out. Thank you.

  • Mihaela

    thank you, i have been going crazy setting up two websites in magento on localhost, now i finally managed ! :) great tutorial!

  • Arjun

    Great work..

  • Joompixel

    Nice and helpful article, thank you for sharing

  • @Mukesh : $realpath = realpath(MAGENTO_ROOT . ‘/../your-main-website-folder’); // main website means the base website directory? how can find base website directory

  • @mukesh : what is mean invalid switch..