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Magento: Setup multiple currency shop

You can easily setup a multiple currency shop in Magento. By multiple currency shop, I mean giving the user to browse products in different currencies. Magento will provide a currency dropdown in category and product listing page. When you select your desired currency, the entire products price will be changed to your selected currency.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to setup multiple currency shop in Magento:-

– Go to System –> Configuration –> Currency Setup

– Under ‘Currency Options‘, select Allowed currencies.

The selected currencies will be displayed in currency dropdown in category and product listing page. Remember that your Base currency and Default display currency selection should also be selected in Allowed currencies.

– Click ‘Save Config‘ button.

– Go to System –> Manage Currency Rates

– Select Import Service. By default it is ‘Webservicex’.

– Click ‘Import‘ button. This will update the currency rates values.

– Click ‘Save Currency Rates‘ button.

– Go to category listing page. You will see currency selection dropdown list in left sidebar at top.

Now, user of your shop can browse product with price in their desired currency.

Additional Scenario:-

Suppose, you have two currencies (British pound and U.S. dollar) in your Magento shop. You also have two stores (Store A and Store B). You want to show British pound in Store A and U.S. dollar in Store B.

Here is the solution:-

– Follow the steps above to setup multiple currency Magento shop.

– You will have multiple currency shop.

– Follow these steps to show store specific currency:-

– Go to System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Currency Setup

– In left sidebar at top, you will see “Current Configuration Scope

– Select your desired store from the selection list

– Now, under “Currency Options“, you will see “Default Display Currency

– Select your desired currency from the selection list

You are done. In frontend, select the store for which you did the above changes. You will see the price in your desired currency.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Hey man!

    This is absolutly great!

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    Thank you for nice and simply advice.

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    I came across your site and found here many interesting posts. I’m sure that i wil come back here soon !

  • Worked for me, thanks!

  • bharat

    i want somr thing new as below

    $Usd = $340
    Euro = euro120

    is it possible,
    if yes,then how

  • Kazava

    Now I can see currency selection dropdown list. I am wondering how to change the order? I would like to see the currencies in a specific order i.e. So EUR on top and then USD and then SEK and so on.

  • Amatya Trivedi

    Thanks Mukesh…..it helps me a lot

  • Amit Narayan

    thanks Mukesh it’s very helpful for me regarding currency change with in store change on same site.

  • Irinagray

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  • In Magento, I see that there is a feature of editing currency code from Admin..
    Go to “System -> Configuration -> Manage Currency -> Symbols”

  • coach m

    Can you set up a fixed price for a different currency rather than using the currency converter?

    I would like to have Product A show $123 USD on Store View A and show $145 CAD on Store View B but not use the currency converter as each product pricing in CAD and USD isn’t based on the exchange rate.

  • Ashish Tomar

    I have done all the changes in backed as per your instructions, but unable to see any change in frontend. Please help me…

  • Altaf Patel

    it helped. thanks…

  • Mitchell Grant

    Did you figure this out? I have same issue

  • Neeraj

    hi i have 2 store A and B and currency have 6 so tell me about store switch auto