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Magento: Remove list or grid mode as display option

You can choose the Catalog view option as grid only or list only. The default is Grid/List. You can change it to List/Grid as well.

To do so:

1) Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Frontend

2) Change the List Mode.

3) You can also change the number of products per page on grid or list from there.



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  • Thanks i’ve been looking for this for ages !

  • rm

    tks! :D

  • Jose

    you are the man- do you do freelance?

  • alex

    tanks mukesh

  • alex

    i have some doubt in magento how can i contact you

  • Justin

    What if you only want to remove the grid view or list view option of one or two categories and not for all?

  • Hi! How can I do this in Magento 2.1.7?