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Magento: Read Write XML

I will be using Varien_Simplexml_Element class to read write xml nodes. The path to this class file is lib/Varien/Simplexml/Element.php

Here is a sample XML file which I am going to read through Magento code. I will also be adding an XML node to the following XML data.

Here is the Magento/PHP code to read the XML data. I have kept the XML file in the root directory of Magento installation. The XML file is named test.xml. At first, the XML file is loaded and then it’s node are read with getNode function. Then, I have printed the result.

You can add node with the setNode function. Here, I have set a node inside the node ‘modules’. The name of my new node is ‘mukesh’ and it’s value is ‘chapagain’.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Mariawi9232

    Do you have an idea how can you add attributes into those created XML elements?

  • jaikanth123

    This query was really helpfull to me because i was not knowing to configure XML configuration.

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  • Nice and smart written article.I really liked it a lot.Thanks a lot for sharing such article with us.Keep sharing.

  • fsc

    I am writing a module which needs to add/remove cronjobs dynamically. Is it ok to change the config.xml file dynamically or should it be avoided?

  • Archana

    I am getting error Fatal error: Call to a member function setNode() on a non-object in C:wampwwwxxxxxxlibVarienSimplexmlConfig.php on line 550

  • Vivek Shingala

    Hi Mukesh

    How can we do this in Magento 2?