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Magento: Payment method not displayed in Multiple Shipping Adresses Checkout


I have a payment method which is displayed well in general Magento checkout. But it is not displayed in Multiple Addresses Checkout.


Please see the Model class of your payment module. The following variable should be set as true.

Write the above variable in the Model class if it is not present. If it present then it might be set as false. Make it true.

In some Payment modules, there might be a function instead of the above variable. The function is like this:-

The function might be returning false. Make it true.

After doing this, you should be able to see the payment method in Multi Shipping Addresses Checkout.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Daim

    The Solution is wrong. At the moment you can’t use onepage payment modules with
    multiple shipping

  • Shakyaabiral

    the payment method is displayed but doesn’t redirect to the paypal website on order confirmation

  • Firefly_intricacy

    I set $_canUseForMultishipping¬† = true; but if you hit “Place Order” there is no redirect to PayPal. Is there any way to do this. I’m using Magento Community Any help would be wonderful!

  • mrstone

    any clue on how to enable Paypal for multishipping??

  • classical

    It’s not wrong. It’s working in some cases. Paypal must be configuration in paypal pro to allow multi address shipping