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Magento: Orders made using Paypal are not dispalyed in Customer’s ‘My Orders’ section


I placed an order in Magento using Paypal payment method. Everything went fine. I was able to pay through Paypal. However, when I login to the shop as a customer, I see that ‘My Orders‘ section is empty. I could not find information of the order I recently placed.


Your order status might be either ‘Pending‘ or ‘Pending Payment‘. By default, Magento doesn’t allow these two types of orders to be displayed in customer’s end.


Add the following code inside global element of app/etc/local.xml

Now, your customers should be able to view their orders which have ‘pending’ or ‘pending payment’ status.

Note: Core file containing this data is app/code/core/Mage/Sales/etc/config.xml

Hope it helps. Thanks.


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