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Magento: Load store specific product

Different stores can be set in Magento. A product can be made visible in selected stores.

Hope it helps. Thanks.


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  • KoeK

    Ok we got the $product object but how is it displayed? in my block?

  • @KoeK – echo $product->getName();

    You can also print_r and see the values.


  • Stefan Brendle

    “setStore” means for “Storeview”. How do I set up values like the CategoryIds on “Store”-layer? In the backend it is called “Group”, but I can’t find anything to this topic … :-/

  • agiorgini

    hello Mukesh,

    hope you can help me understand one thing. Doing this:


    which works, but does not only set the products names, but it also unset all the “use default” flags in all languages. Why is this?

    Thanks a lot