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Magento: Leading the Printing Industry with Print Shop Template

On running a Printing Shop, what you expect for? As any e-commerce business, the last goal might be profit and number of loyal customers who are willing to pay for your products. Unlike other businesses, Printing Shop requires much creation as well as technology sectors for the durable growth. Thus, how to grab the NO.1 position in this field is not simple at all. Take a view of this article to have the answer.

Magento Printing Theme

Magento platform will be the best choice for your Printing business. And the template with the announce Magento Print Website Theme must be the powerful tool that is supportive for your Magento web-to-print to achieve the last Goals.

This cutting edge design with modern style and full function of Magento store are contained in Magento Printing Website theme. It is the way you attract your customers:

Magento Printing Theme

The Fist look

The first impression is the main factor keeping visitors stay on your site for a longer time. It is a simple and professional layout without cheesy colors is recommended.

Magento Printing Theme

Amazing design template with many types of items for an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate store that not only show clearly products meeting customer’s needs but also let them pay attention of the real.

Go to the store

Customers are possible to see various samples of printing designs and service like Brochure, Printing, business card printing and voucher printing with the exact size default.

Also, they can choose different size, style, color, paper, materials and more to have a complete and unique design as customer’s requirement. More importantly, all print-shop owners are able to put a price matrix to all combinations to offer the last printing cost for each item.

Price Matrix extension lets users preview the price matrix before showing in frontend and at the same time, easily make a total price calculators of each product. This plug-in supports lots of product’s attributes at different prices.

Order Image upload feature is added for tons of innovative features. This extension is integrated in this theme that will up load files directly on each product on the product detail page when customers play an order.

Magento Printing Theme

Upload Multiple Files At the same time: By using Ajax, you let your customers no need to refresh the page while uploading multiple files. Also, shoppers can delete or cancel files during upload process. It means that they are able to delete any files uploaded with just a click. After the upload, image files will be automatically created as thumbnails and shoppers do not have to login upload files.

It is possible for customers to see uploaded files in the confirmed order email as below:

Magento Printing Theme

Above all, One Step Checkout extension is added to the design, showing all checkout steps right on a page. It is very thankful to it when customers can save much time to complete the checkout and payment steps. The process is reduced from 6 steps to 1 step. Also, right on the checkout page, uploaded files are displayed for customers’ convenience.

Magento Printing Theme

Built on HTML 5 and CSS, the template is also added Ajax Add To Cart, Ajax Search Pro for faster shopping. With Ajax add to Cart, it allows shoppers to add products to cart without leaving the page for the accomplishment of this task. In order save more time in searching products, the design support Keyword searching for research enhancement, around few seconds.

Magento Printing Theme

Facebook Login allows customers to log-in and checkout with their Facebook account. Facebook still remains the no1 in social network, thus almost of people have their own account for purchase on your site.

Besides, the Wish list gives customers an easy approach to their products for the next purchase. By sending email notification, you know exactly what your customers want and launch the adaptable campaign to attract them, optimizing revenue daily, monthly and yearly.

Multiple languages extension is an incredible extension helping customers over the world understand website easier with their own languages. Certainly, multi currency is supported such as to let customers determine currency conversions from certain domination to another as well as choose what they would like to pay with.

Your product is attached with the labels highlighting which items you want to popularize. Labels are really one the most important marketing tips for the success of your products, caught customer’s attentions easily. The last but not less important, Mega Menu is the way you help your customers easily navigate and find out their desirable items.

For you, web-store Owners, what you get from the Magento Print Website theme?

This is the best solution meeting any requirements of a print website need. You can make sure of driving more sales and traffics thanks for it. Thus, the last goal of increasing revenue can be achieved more quickly.

Installing this template for your store, you are adding a lot of convenient and beneficial functions to it. Magento printing theme is the best way for you to serve your customers, sending grateful words to them for their visits and purchases.

Easy to install, customize as well as configure is the main features that CMSmart sends to their products. Magento Printing theme is the same. You are supported with fulfill documentations and user-guide, making the installation steps as simple as possible.

Moreover, easy to Manage your store through products, sales, revenue, mail notifications, customers’ reviews and other actions on your store is also a stunning function of it. Give you an overlook of your site, the development of it and more. From that, you can have necessary changes for the bigger profit.

Not just a print Template, Magento Printing Theme is exact what your Web-to-Print needs. So lucky when you are running on the Magento platform due to this awesome items! Don’t miss your chance of seeing the LIVE DEMO.


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