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Magento: Installing New Language Package [Step-by-Step Guide]

Here is the step-by-step procedure to install new language package on Magento.

Let’s assume that you want to install Dutch language package.

1. Go to this link.
2. Get the extension key.
3. Login to Magento admin
4. Go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager
5. Install your desired language package
6. Go to System -> Manage Stores -> Create Store View. As we are adding Dutch language pack. So, we name the new store view as ‘Dutch’ and the code as ‘dutch’.
7. Go to System -> Configuration
8. Select ‘Dutch’ (the newly created language pack) from the ‘Current Configuration Scope’ select box present on top left sidebar.
9. Under General -> Locale Options -> Locale, select Dutch.
10. Save Config and Clear Cache.

Alternative way

Instead of installing the language package from Magento Connect, you can directly donwload the language package file from Magento Commerce website. Here is the procedure:-

1. Go to Magento Translations.
2. Download your desired language package zip file.
3. Extract the zipped file.
4. Upload the extracted folder to your Magento webshop root folder.
#5 to #10 as mentioned above.

That’s all. You have installed a new language package for your Magento webshop.



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  • Vivek

    How to install Dutch language pack in Magento no language packs are compatible for that version. I also want different store for language.