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Magento: How to get list of all modules programmatically?

Here, I will show you how you can get list of all modules in your Magento installation. It’s a simple code.

Get all modules

You can find getNode() function in the class Mage_Core_Model_Config.

From the code above, you get all the modules information like whether the module is active or not, the codePool of the module, version of the module, etc.

Get all modules name

This code will list only the name of all the modules present in your Magento installation.

Check whether any particular module is active

Suppose, I want to check whether Mage_Paypal module is active or not. The following code does the check.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Maxmetallika

    is there any way to restrict my template from displaying based on a particular module state?
    this is my layout xml file

    i want to add this block only when a particular module called “Mymodule/Checkprice” is enabled.Any idea?

  • Parvez1487

    i m parvez from delhi.I m newly in magneto i m facing problem to integarate Paypal auxt in my modules.actully i m getting info CC from webservice so how can i will use internal paypal of magento in this function.

  • Denismarusevich

    hi, I have a question. But what should I do, if I want to get a list of only local modules (app/code/local)?