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Magento: How to delete System Attribute?

Suppose, you want to delete an attribute. But there is no delete option while you edit the attribute. This means that the attribute is system attribute. System attributes cannot be deleted. Only user defined attributes can be deleted.

To delete the attribute, you have to make it user defined.

– Go to phpmyadmin
– Go to your magento installation database
– Go to eav_attribute table
– Browse table with attribute_code ‘YOUR_ATTRIBUTE_CODE’ OR browse the table with the attribute_id of your    attribute (‘your attribute’ means the attribute which you want to remove as system attribute)
– Edit the table row of your attribute
– Find the field ‘is_user_defined’
– Set it to 1

Now your attribute no longer remains System Attribute
Now you can delete it from Attribute manager


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  • Ruben

    It’s a effective solution but what can be the potential problems by doing this?
    Magento use some of this attributes in is core.
    Maybe by making the attribute disabled in the backend, the solution work without any troubles.


  • Nice article, I was trying to remove some fields from a disabled module. When I set is_user_defined to 1 my problems were solved.


    Diego Soares

  • Kyle


  • After changing is_user_defined, the attribute does not appear in Magento

    Any suggestions?

  • Jerry

    Thank you. Very helpful

  • Bordstein

    Thanks, that helped a lot.

  • Purvi Vora

    add dropdown for price field in advanced search form in magento

  • Sunny

    This solution is for Community Version or Enterprise Version. I added a new attribute in the DB but then my Magento2 UI is not opening, can you tell me which folder i have to look into? or what is the issue.

    The DB is not allowing me to do any changes with the system attributes