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Magento: How to change or reorder top links?

In the default magento installation, the top links are as follows:

My Account | My Wishlist | My Cart | Checkout | Log In

In order to change or reorder them you have to do some changes in layout files (xml files).

You can do changes for My Account, Log Out, and Log In from customer.xml file. You can change the title and position of these menu from there.

You can change the ordering of My Cart and Checkout from checkout.xml

See for the following code in checkout.xml

For My Wishlist, open wishlist.xml and search for the following code:

Hope it helps. Thanks.


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  • Sir, i have some changing required in magneto Top Links. I want that i change only the name like in MY CART i write MY Shopping Cart and in place of Log in i write i Sign In.
    any one can help me.
    M Atiq SWE
    Islamabad Pakistan

  • @Muhaammad Atiq

    I suppose that you are using Magento default design. And, your language store is English. (Case of default magento installation)

    Here, is the procedure:

    – Go to app/design/frontend/default/default/locale/en_US folder.
    – Open translate.csv
    – In the first column, write: My Cart
    – In the second column and in the same row, write: My Shopping Cart
    – That’s all. Now, see at the frontend of your site. You will see My Shopping Cart instead of My Cart. Similarly, you can do so for other titles.

  • clyde

    Hello Mukesh,

    I am currently starting off using the blank template and reconstructing a simple template from there.

    Although the toplinks have seem to be layered out like this:

    * My Account
    * My Cart (6 items)
    * Checkout
    * Log In

    How do i change back to the default version?

  • Check out this helpful article about editing Magento’s top links.

  • hi
    i want that when i select any top link than its image should be different than other top link. Can anybody help.How it can be achieve to see active top link ??

  • Blackbee

    I have new theme for magento which I have installed sucessfully. Now I want to add a HOME button next to my top navigation. I have been able to add the link but the link goes to the wrong place. It goes to magento/index.php when this happens my front page flash is not enabled. Only when I go to the main page magento/ do I access the main page flash. I notice that this also happens once in an item and the home button option appears under product navigation, the link is also index.php.

    Can someone tell me where and how to change this.

  • nice useful post, and how to add rel=”nofollow” in Top links? thanks!

  • venkatesan.R


    I have studied the above comments which will be very helpful for me.My question is could explain the steps when a user is clicked the My account, Which file is called and how the action method is invoked,database connectivity,how the values is inserted…

    Please help me to understand for the past few days I have try to solve the problem but I could not able to solve it.

    Please help.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • ali

    Hi everyone,

    Nice post.

    I want to have a different output, how can I get the toplinks and the search input aligned.

    Thanx for your help

  • Ram_kalpakkam

    Great Post Dude really Helped me a lot Keep Rocking

  • sapna singla

    hello,i want to replace home navigation link with an image….help me

  • magento

    hmm…good job ,carry one

  • magento

    hi, i want to reorder as ->My Account | My Wishlist |Checkout | Log In | My Cart .
    But I have done it->My Account | My Wishlist |My Cart| Log In | Checkout .

    The default order are (My Card | Checkout) can’t change their order to( Checkout | My card) from checkout.xml file .but if i change from code/core/mage/checkout/block/links.php. line 56 & 75 (parameter 50 and 60) then it change there order. it not a good solution .i want to change without core code.plz any one help me

  • Sir, whenever i am changing the structure in page/template/link.phtml
    then the changes also appearing in topLinks in header…

    please help me…..

  • how would you make them a drop down menu on hover