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Magento: Filter Configurable Product by Child Product’s Attribute

This article shows how you can filter child products associated with a configurable product by the child product’s attribute value.

Suppose, we have a configurable product with two attributes (‘size‘ and ‘color‘) and we want to select only those child products with certain size and/or certain color. Let’s say, we want to select only those products that have color as ‘Red‘.

We can do so with the following code:

If we already have the value of color ‘Red‘, we can skip to next step/code. Otherwise, if we only have the name of the color then we first need to find out the value ID of that color.

Next, we load our configurable product and then fetch all the child products associated with that configurable product. While fetching child products, we add a filter to the collection where we specify the attribute code (color) and value id of the color to filter.

We can print and check the result:

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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