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Magento: Fatal error: Call to a member function setSaveParametersInSession() on a non-object


I was creating a module. I already had one Grid displayed in admin. The Grid was being displayed by a Block class, for example: MyNamespace_MyModule_Block_Adminhtml_MyModule
Now, I had to display another Grid using a new Block class. Let’s say, I created a new Block class: MyNamespace_MyModule_Block_Adminhtml_MyNewGrid

I just copied code from MyNamespace_MyModule_Block_Adminhtml_MyModule and copied it to MyNamespace_MyModule_Block_Adminhtml_MyNewGrid class.




The main mistake over here was the confusing naming for controller and blockGroup.

$this->_controller = This is not the controller class name. It is actually your Block class name.
$this->_blockGroup = This is your module’s name.


Hence, I updated my new grid class in the following way and the problem was solved. See the change in controller and blockGroup from the previous code.


Hope this helps. Thanks.


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