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Auto Currency Switcher: Magento Extension [FREE]

Auto Currency Switcher is a currency switcher extension which automatically switches store currency based on visitor’s IP address.

This module is compatible with Magento version 1.3 and later (Magento 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9).

Auto Currency Switcher extension tracks visitor’s IP address and automatically changes the store currency to the visitor’s location currency. Visitor can switch to his/her desired currency at any time.

This extension uses MaxMind’s GeoIP technology for IP address lookup.

No extra configuration settings is to be made. Just install the module in your multi-currency Magento shop and the module will work on the fly.

But remember that, you should first setup/enable multiple currency on your shop. Here is how to do so:-
Magento: Setup multiple currency shop

Testing this extension

Here are the steps to test if this module is working or not.

– First of all, as mentioned above, you have to enable multiple currencies in your shop.

– Open app/code/community/Chapagain/AutoCurrency/Helper/Data.php

– Edit the following function as below:-

– Go to any product listing page.

– You should be able to see product price in the currency of the country’s IP which you have set in the above function.

Please note that sometimes this extension doesn’t perform due to browser cache. If you find this module not working then try clearing your browser cache. Or, try opening your website in another browser.

If you have any further queries then please drop a comment on this blog post or on the
Auto Currency Switcher Extension Page itself.


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  • Nicholas Easter

    Any chance you’ll keep the .DAT file up to date. I’ve been using the same file since you first released the module and seems like it hasn’t been updated in a long while.

  • The extension has been updated with the lastest GeoIP.dat file.

  • Nicholas Easter

    Do you think you could keep the GeoIP.dat most recent on your website or a source of where to retrieve it from. I’ve tried a few things, however without success.

    Also, just tried on Magento Connect and appears to be the same extension as previous 0.1.4 with the old database file.

  • Please go to ‘Release Notes’ tab in the extension page. From there you can install the latest version of the extension.

    You can also download the .DAT file from here: http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCountry/GeoIP.dat.gz

  • Nicholas Easter

    Thank you :)

  • Mansur

    Hello Mukesh,

    I have installed your extension, I have 2 issues: the path of .dat file to update.

    I have one issue in magento 1.6.1, I can not see INR in base currency and default currency. how to get the INR in the list

  • Cj

    I have check it on magento 1.7 this is not working

  • swathi

    Hi Mukesh, i have installed u
    r Auto currency switcher extension and i followed u r instructions, but
    on thing i need to clarify from you.That is i want to show prices
    changes for all products in my store only based on IP address changes.i
    don’t want to show on change action in category pages like what u said
    for admin settings ,please help me out

  • RR

    I have not installed this extension, but can you please let me know… at the time of checkout.. what price it will pick.. let say in Canada Doller is default.. and product price is $20, if I put some extra cost for USA. means after converting product price into US $ it should be around $17 but I want it should charge $19 in USA..

  • Any chance you can make this remove tax based on IP too? :)

  • Shardul

    Hi can u tell me please will this extension useful in different price for different countries with currency symbol from front side

  • Kevin

    Is it possible to select the shipping country based on IP?

  • unitedsol

    Have a look at a Currency and Language switcher put together http://www.fmeextensions.com/magento-geo-ip-default-language-currency.html

  • Jorge

    Not working on 1.7

  • Frank

    Hi, your currency Switcher works fine. happy with it. The only problem i have with it is using it with paypall. Althoug the entire order process in the UK in in GBP (based on the Ip-address) Paypal converts the GBP in EUROS. Is this a know issue?

  • not working on 1.7 magento

  • Chris Hood

    I can’t get this to work with Magento CE I tried testing using the Data.php file as well as trying to test using proxies. In both cases my default currency (US Dollar) shows on the category and product listing.

  • guest

    Does not work with Magento ver

  • John Smith

    I have install your extension and check by my IP but it is not working for INR currency according to my IP. Can you please suggest any changes for Default currency setting and base currency settings.

  • Ashish Khadpe

    Hi i am using magento 1.7 and extension number is 0.1.6.
    But still it is showing me USD only when someone is accessing from UK.

  • Have you enabled UK currency from System -> Configuration -> Currency Setup -> Allowed Currencies? After that, you also need to update and save currency rates from System -> Manage Currency -> Rates.

  • Have you enabled Indian currency from System -> Configuration -> Currency Setup -> Allowed Currencies? After that, you also need to update and save currency rates from System -> Manage Currency -> Rates.

  • It was not working for some countries. I have fixed the bug and updated the extension. It should work now.

  • It was not working for some countries. I have fixed the bug and updated the extension. It should work now. Btw, could you mention which country you were testing for?

  • It was not working for some countries. I have fixed the bug and updated the extension. It should work now. Could you mention which country you were testing for?

  • It had issue with some countries. I have fixed the bug and updated the module. Could you mention which country you were testing for?

  • I have updated the module and fixed the bug. It should work fine now. Btw, could you mention for which country the module didn’t work?

  • John Duur

    Magento ver is not working… it always shows up USD currency. We have EUR USD and GBP currency enabled…. thanks!

  • Sibhi S

    It’s not working in magento1.7 and also magento1.8

  • Hesham Shanana

    Hello, i install the extension and did all the steps but it is not working, i’m trying to test it for Egypt, please advise me. Thank you

  • Khim

    I installed this extension on localhost and it worked perfectly but go this error on online Call to a member function getCollection() on a non-object in includes/src/__default.php on line 20654

  • thenets

    Magento 1.9 is not working :/

  • thenets

    In CE 1.9 I get the same error.

  • hariprasath s

    Hi Mukesh,

    I have installed your plugin its working fine for me, But in checkout time the currency was changing to default currency. Is there is any way to stop this. I need to checkout with the current currency not with the default currency.
    My default currency is EURO and the current currency is INR while checkout the currency is changed to EURO and sending to Paypal. Now what I need is I need to send the INR to Paypal.

    Please let me know if any way to achieve this thing.

  • slgthk

    Hi! Mukesh,

    I installed it via the installer,

    1) I get a 503, after removing the maintanence flag, site works fine, however, when I click System>Config> Catalog, I get a white screen..pls help…
    2) Is it possible for you to install it for me? I am happy to pay you…



  • Please logout from admin and re-login and then check System -> Config -> CATALOG -> Catalog. It should work.

  • slgthk

    No Mukesh, still not working…pls can you help?

  • slgthk

    I am happy to share my logins on your email??Is it possible?

  • slgthk

    I cleared the cache, Cleared browser cache, cleared cache from var/cache also…nothing…pls assist…

  • slgthk

    even pasted my IP, as per your instructions ..nothing..

  • Carrie

    Hi there!
    The extension is a marvelous creation. Top of all, its free thanks to Mukesh!
    I’ve encountered an issue with this extension. It doesn’t show the right currency on homepage, but product pages and categories pages work just fine. They show the correct currency according to the IP address. Can you please specify the solution for this problem.
    Note: I’ve tried clearing magento cache, browser’s cache, reindexed everything, uploaded the latest IP addresses that you’ve provided in the zip file, and a lot of other stuff but its still not working perfectly.
    My magento version is

  • Deepak

    Hi there!

    The extention is not working on my magento install .I have tried every thing You said, i have enabled multicurrency the two currency i am using are INR and USD .but when i set USD as default currency it should show INR in the frontend,But its not happening .
    Please help me out I have the latest magento version

    Thank you

  • Peter James

    There is a problem with the IP2Country DB for UK (at least). It is showing some UK IP addresses as US based. I’ve done a lookup through their website for one of the addresses and it shows it is in California and owned by a company called Infonet who were acquired by BT (a UK telco/isp) 10 years ago.

  • Magento ver. currency switcher not working after add to cart

  • Alexei Shaban

    Good and free exension!
    MagestyApps has GeoIP Currency Switcher magento extension with same functionality and free professional installation for customers convenience, wich we actually use. But it cost 49.95$

  • Sanjeev jain

    Hi Mukesh,

    My base currency is INR and I would like the store currency to change to USD when they access the store from countries for which I haven’t set any currency. For instance, I have set my store to accept only five currencies (INR, USD, Euro, GBP, AUD and CAD) which work with Paypal. So, when a customer access my store from New Zealand or Kenya, I would like him to see the store in USD. How can i achieve the same?

  • Bhargava

    Hi Mukesh,
    Thanks for this extension. We are using it for our site and it is production also. Now, I want to know this : in addition to auto currency switching, is there any option, to switch manually ? We need to put up a drop-down of currencies; so it means, that In USA, for example, it will be USA by default, but the user should be able to change it to another currency by changing in the drop down available at the top.