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Magento: Different shipping rate for different country and region

Here, I will show you how you can assign different shipping rate for different country in Magento. Like, there might be different shipping rate for US and Canada. Moreover, there might be different shipping rate for various regions within US as well. Like, there might be different shipping rate for Florida and California.

In Magento, you can have this functionality pretty simply. There is a shipping method named ‘Table Rates‘. You can adjust the country specific shipping rates from it.

Here is the step-by-step guide:-

– Go to System –> Configuration –> SALES –> Shipping Methods –> Table Rates
– Select ‘Enabled‘ to ‘Yes’
– Click the ‘Save Config‘ present in top right corner of the page
– From the ‘Current Configuration Scope‘ (which is at the top left corner), choose ‘Main Website

Now, you will see as in the following figure:-

Tablerates Configuration

Click on the image to see full size

As you can see from the figure, there are three main parts:- Condition, Export and Import.

– As we are making different shipping rate for different country, so select Condition = ‘Price vs. Destination’
– Click ‘Export CSV‘ and a csv file is downloaded with the required headers like country, region, shipping price, etc.
– Fill the csv with the shipping rate and country name. For example, see the following figure:-

Tablerates CSV

– The asterik (*) in region and postal code column means that the shipping price is applicable for all regions and postal code respectively.
– The zero (0) in order subtotal means that the shipping price is applicable for all orders whose subtotal is greater than zero.
– In the last row (7th row), you can see ‘AK’ as region. Hence, comparing the 2nd row and 7th row where the country is USA, we see that the shipping price for all other US region is 10. But, the shipping price for AK (Alaska) is 15.

– Now, Import the csv you just filled.
– Click ‘Save Config‘ button present in top right corner of the page.
– You are done. The new country specific shipping rate has been saved. You can test it by checking out products from frontend.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Yes magento is a good source for ecommerce platform and it will be surely charged with different shipping rate for different country.

  • St0iK

    Hi, there is no Export Option in my Magento admin :( i use Any ideas?

  • Shailesh Thapa

    Its very good and working without any problem,thanks

  • Jaimin

    mukesh thank you very much for this tutorial but i have one problem i want to add shipping insurance also can you know for that wt i have to do

  • Ms Azha

     i get this error
    records have been imported. See the following list of errors for each
    record that has not been imported: Invalid Shipping Price “” in the Row
    #4. Invalid Country “ENG” in the Row #5.

  • I think it should be GBR instead of ENG.
    Here is a list of Magento Country codes for table rate: http://php.quicoto.com/magento-country-codes-for-table-rate/

  • You have to change the Configuration Scope to ‘My Website’ instead of ‘Default’.

  • This helped me a a lot. Thanks

  • Ilian

    Thank you! Works very good! I have used the Magento Country codes for table rate by the link from the comments.

  • Chitta

    Ship to Applicable Countries is All Allowed Countries but it is not reflecting guest users. Any idea?

  • Mohinee

    There is only Browse button, not import button, so how can i import selected csv. please help.


  • ELET

    Dear All
    please perhaps that question is somewhere answered. We have distributors in EU and also different living standards to take into account. Can Magento allow us to show different retail price in different region (country)? for an example in Estonia the price is 8,9 EUR, but in Italy the same product shows it is priced for 14 EUR. That is simply to allow us to do the offers in some regions and at the same not to give huge discounts where that is not necessary or where it will affect the distributors interest.
    Thank you
    E. L.