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Magento: Creating Varien Object & Collection from any Array data

Varien_Object and Varien_Collection are the parent/super class for most of the Magento Models and Collections respectively.

The path for Varien_Object is lib/Varien/Object & for Varien_Collection is lib/Varien/Data/Collection.php.

This article shows how you can create new Varien objects and collections from any array or object data you have.

Here is the code:-

More details on Varien Data Objects & Collections can be found on this Magento Knowledge Base Article:
Magento for Developers: Part 8 – Varien Data Collections


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  • Very interesting, but often it’s much more faster to use multidimensional arrays.

  • Francesco Magazzu’

    it is not difficult to give support for pagination as well …

  • Piyush

    dont work for me at all

  • Thanks this works for me! :D