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Magento: Conquer your Customers with Product Video Extension

Product Video always asserts the main role to boosting as well as winning any Marketing campaigns. Coming from many years ago, product video is never an out-of-date method of marketing field. As in a lot of great articles of e-Commerce experts, this is the most effective to popularize your products as well as online business. Impressively, the online-sale is witnessing an endless increase of revenue from embedding an actual video on the product page, blog, emails and anywhere as possible.

It is the same when it comes to M-stores. However, how to achieve this target seems not so difficult when you are provided Magento Product Video Extension – one of best-sellers products on Cmsmart. With powerful function, the plug-in is a smart way for web-store owners to efficiently introduce their product. From that, they are able to conquer shoppers, keeping them stay on their site longer and certainly, purchasing more and more products.

product video magento

Why Magento Product Video Extension is exactly your selection?

  • The facts have shown that 80% of users remembering the videos and 64% of them are likely to buy a product after watching a video.
  • Instead of reading so many words about a product, customers certainly feel more comfortable to watch the product video and understand its purpose, function and usage. Especially, it will be greater if you are able to provide an ideal video of your product.
  • Online shopping is developing for each hour, Magento Product video extension might be the best way for you to leave your competitors behind, at the same time attracts more customers, getting more closured to them.

product video magento

How the extension works for your Customers?

  • It allows them to easily view a detail page of any product. There are lots of images and video related to products that are displayed as a slideshow. Your users just click on an image or video thumbnail to watch as they want.
  • You give customers to rate for each video just by a click. That is a helpful way for shoppers to trust your brand and let you know what they think of your video and products as well.
  • All steps can be completed before going to the Checkout page. Thus, it can save much time of customers when they shop on your M-store.
  • More importantly, customers are able to see high rated product videos right on front-end. They could be the product problems or new features that they are caring most. Also, product video is a worthy way for you to express your view to improve product’s quality. Your customers can enjoy a better product in all-rounded size, as the result.

How the extension works for You, a web-store owner/Administrator?

  • The shortest way to have good description of products: thanks for the extension; you can create multiple videos as well as images in order to help customers understand the product more easily. A video is an ideal solution to persuade your customers just through clicking Play button.
  • Have full access of different sources of videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twich and local Video files like mp4, mpg… Thus, you do not need to worry about the kind of video uploaded. Besides, this is an effective marketing channel because these videos increase the traffic and rate through searches on the internet through Google.
  • Have full security confirmation from the admin before you display videos. Admin is supported ability to control what videos should be uploaded on front-end, depending on customers’ group like Vip members, Private sales member or etc.
  • One of outstanding updates of this product is that you can upload your video to Youtube through Youtube API. Hence, there are more shoppers reaching your product and your site as well. Obviously, the fans of Youtube create more than 100 million people watching online every day. By this way, you can catch a good chance to increase your sales as well as traffic volume.
  • More importantly, it is possible to display product professionally through 7 types of displaying image and video, making the uploading task more convenient and easier to accomplish.

More details of abilities that Magento Product Video extension presents you:

  • Add or Upload multi – videos and images: You can add multi-videos and images to describe for products in your website. In addition to clarify product features, it brings great effect to increase your revenue.
  • product video magento

  • Upload different video source: you can upload video from direct link like Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo or from computer mp4; flv
  • Youtube API usage: all product videos uploaded in your store are available on Youtube as well. It is a new and great function in this latest version, bringing more sales thanks for the fastest growing social network – Youtube
  • product video magento

  • Upload video from front-end: You can upload video on front-end and approve content before displaying it on product page
  • Manage all videos in back-end: All product video are managed in menu such as All Videos of Product Video Pro or separately in specific product. Additionally, admin can remove video right in backend. Besides, you can insert product description for each product, improving SEO friendlier.
  • Multi-display types of Images and Videos: are supported up to 7 types for you to select and meet your site’s requirements
  • product video magento

  • Rating video: allows you to get more trust of your customers thus boosting the number of loyal shoppers
  • Options for thumbnail slide to display: Simple and easy-to-see interface with thumbnail slide of videos and images of the products are helpful for customers to have a overall look as well as simple navigation
  • Customized thumbnail dimensions and images cross browsers compatibility: give you ability to customize in admin panel; your site is compatible with various browsers from opera, safari, chrome, firefox to IE…
  • Easy to configure vide file size, allowing you to display video with pop-up window or media block. Also, zoom plug-in is supported for Image zoom function with several styles 1,2,4,6. Moreover, you can easily approve uploaded video in Pending status

product video magento

Well, is your site added this function? Never so late if you install Magento Product Video extension for your site right now. You can check it first through the Live Demo of Cmsmart. Get it and Conquer thousands, millions and more audiences to your store. Believe that it is likely to Succeed!


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