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Magento: Add new column to Product Grid in Admin

This article shows how you can add new columns to product grid (Catalog -> Manage Products) in Magento 1.x admin.

For this, you need to rewrite/override the Adminhtml’s catalog_product_grid block class.

Here is the block override code to be written in your module’s config.xml file:


Now, you need to create a new class file that overrides the catalog_product_grid adminhtml class. The code will be adding two columns (URL Key & Manufacturer) after the SKU column. URL Key column will be of type text and Manufacturer column will be of type options/dropdown.


Now, clear cache from Magento admin (System -> Cache Management).

That all. Now, you should be able to see two new column in Product Grid in your Magento admin (Catalog -> Manage Products).

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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  • Sagar Guhe

    I think you have given the path wrong: YourCompany/YourModule/Block/Adminhtml/Customer/Grid.php this should be YourCompany/YourModule/Block/Adminhtml/Catalog/Product/Grid.php