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Magento: Add new column to Customer Grid in Admin

This article shows how you can add new column to customer grid in Magento 1.x admin. In this example, we will be adding a fetching the fax field value from customer’s billing address and showing in the customer grid in Magento admin.

For this, you need to rewrite/override the Adminhtml’s customer_grid block class.

Here is the block override code to be written in your module’s config.xml file:


Now, you need to create a new class file that overrides the customer_grid adminhtml class. The code will be adding fax column after zip column in the customer grid.


Now, clear cache from Magento admin (System -> Cache Management).

That all. Now, you should be able to see two new column in Customer Grid in your Magento admin (Customers -> Manage Customers<\strong>).

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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