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Magento: 5 easy ways to increase customer satisfaction in no time

When people come to your shop and start purchasing, the feelings they will have after they’ve finished are most important for you as for a Magento store owner. Will they be happy about your service? Would they like to use it again? To make sure that customers’ satisfaction is high and they are glad about the purchase they have made, consider 5 points which will make your online store preferable among others.

What are easy ways to satisfy a customer?

Be clear. A buyer should know how much he is going to pay in the end at the very beginning of the purchasing process. He will definitely appreciate honesty and transparency of your offers.

1Make it fast. Let your buyers give you all the necessary details about the order at one single page. Don’t give them a chance to abandon the cart just because they have to fill in endless fields at endless pages. With extensions developed to enhance possibilities of Magento platform you will be able to arrange Magento order comments in a structured and distinct form which will be filled in as fast as it can be – during checkout process.

Offer presents! Gifts, bonuses and special offers – make people feel that you really want to please them. Let them see that you fulfill every promise you make, and get their appreciation.

Be in touch. It is easy to preview what your customers are willing to buy in the future, so do it. Be aware of what products are bought together, what offers are looked through more often and what pages are the most popular. Than offer them what they want in letters and banners, and win more orders than ever.

Don’t stop. The dynamic nature of Magento online store is one of its most significant characteristics, so don’t stop analyzing its efficiency and improving its content. It always can be better, so look through extensions for Magento stores available in sale and keep analyzing profit they may make.

Magento platform is developed to make online stores convenient to use. However, it still can be improved in any of 5 ways described above, and even more. It will take you little effort and practically no time, but you’ll certainly notice how customer satisfaction increases together with the sales rate.

About the author:

Amasty is experienced Bronze Magento Industry Partner. Having developed more than 90 magento extensions, we can proudly say that we know the deepest depth of Magento. We also know a lot about E-commerce in general and usually post tips on our blog.


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